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Mała dziewczynka ubierająca choinkę bożonarodzeniową.

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Our story started in 1997 and ever since ADAL has been steadily expanding. From a small family-run manufacturing business, we have become a company with international reach, which cooperates with the biggest ornament suppliers worldwide. All ADAL products feature high quality as certified by the European and US laboratories.


For twenty-five years we have been providing a magical Christmas atmosphere.


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Giant Christmas trees

Giant Christmas trees

We have more than twenty-five years of experience …

Urban space

Urban space

We deliver Christmas decorations for public…



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Giant Christmas trees in towns and shopping malls


Giant Christmas trees are becoming a big part of Christmas decorations on town squares in big and small cities alike as well as richly decorated shopping malls. Their impressive size and stylish decoration have been drawing in shoppers, on-lookers and tourists. They have also become the main attraction or something to look forward to on the way to work or during a weekly shopping spree. As a manufacturer it is our goal to present the most luxurious and elaborate decorative solutions for our clients. From giant Christmas trees to intricate 3D figure decorations.


Giant Tree sizes available by ADAL


For almost 20 years ADAL has been providing its customers with the highest quality of products allowing us to create Christmas trees more than 10, 15 and even 20 meters high. Such trees as the Giant Standard option measuring from 4 to 14 meters can be found in our standard catalogue. But we also offer something even more grand, and that’s the Giant Exclusive tree, 4 to 15 meters high and 2 to 7 meters in diameter it truly is a wonderful tree. Another option is the Slim variant, offering a more subtle and elegant tree. We also offer the option to create an even bigger tree for more personalised projects. An example of that would be the highest tree created in Poland, a staggering 28 meter high tree which has been realised by our company for Forum Gdansk in 2018.


Not only size, stylish decor and ornaments too


Size is not the only factor that makes our trees so popular, it’s the modern and unique designs that we offer personalised to each and every client. As part of our offer we have multi coloured iridescent, metallic and covered in glitter baubles with sizes varying from 35 to 400 mm. And lastly we offer a wide range of lighting solutions which are probably the most important when it comes to Christmas trees. We love a good challenge which is why we encourage our clients to come forward with their own ideas and designs so that we can make the Christmas tree of their dreams. We put a very high emphasis for our trees to be not only unique and interesting but to also fit the character of a given city which in turn helps to promote them and their history. AN example of that would be the decoration created for Forum Gdansk. It is a seaside city and we used that motif to create a grand ship and wind roses as decorations. Additionally we created an interactive element in the form of a helm positioned close to the ship. Moving it would cause the shimmering stroboscopes to move and a festive music would start playing. Depending on the needs of our clients we can create a project exactly to specification or present something unique and spectacular based on the information provided.


ADAL’s offer – assembly, disassembly and storage


It is very important to note, that ADAL as a company, not only takes care of the design needs and assembly of the decoration elements. We also offer a comprehensive service/assistance with the safe assembly and disassembly of the decoration so that nothing will ever get damaged and can be placed in the same spot next year. As a client you can either buy a tree or simply rent it from us. You will never have to worry about storage when using our second option, just sit back, relax and enjoy your Christmas tree and let us take care of everything!


Warszawa - Ogrody Ulricha

Christmas decorations for the Ulrich’s Gardens in Warsaw

In Realizations / Urban space

Christmas decorations for the city of Bielsko-Biala

In Realizations / Urban space

Christmas decorations for the city of Bytom

In Realizations / Urban space

3D elements – Vehicles

In Light decorations / Realizations

3D elements – Robots

In Light decorations / Realizations / Urban space
Origami 3D

3D origami elements

In Light decorations / Realizations / Urban space

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