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Świąteczne dekoracje uliczne

Festive street decorations by ADAL

Festive street decorations are one of the most important aspects of Christmas decorations, influencing the atmosphere of a whole city during this wonderful period.  Light illuminations, 3D figure, giant Christmas tree and occasional signs are some of the countless decorations, that create the magical, Christmas spirit we all enjoy. They accompany people during their daily shopping trips as well as giving of a magical shine for the enjoyment of tourists. Such ornaments can turn any place into a winter wonderland straight out of a fairy tale. 


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Christmas light illuminations
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Festive street decorations dedicated for urban spaces


Festive street decorations provide a city with a wonderful charm and glamour. Appropriately decorating an urban space has been becoming more and more popular with each passing year not just in Poland, but across the whole world. After all Christmas time is the perfect occasion to bring a little light and joy into the streets and squares we pass every day. Tallest buildings, departments and city halls will draw-in crowds of people when decorated in bright illuminations, encouraging them to take memorable photos with the whole family. 

The process when choosing a Christmas decoration should be a very thorough one. Of course, you could be seduced by a traditional 3D figure with big and bright Christmas motifs, but it’s important to remember that they fit the climate of a given space. Large spaces can easily be decorated with a tall 10 meter Christmas tree or decoration, however such a decoration will not work in a smaller square, where appropriate usage of space is key. 

It’s also important to remember the character of a given place, which will be decorated with Christmas elements. An important square in a city or town can be decorated with a festive sign, while spaces in front of restaurants can be the playground of smaller figures, referencing the most popular symbols of Christmas.

Christmas illuminations 

Currently the most popular choice when decorating streets are Christmas illuminations. Projects of this type are most commonly created using LED lights. Be it, classical strings of lights, illustrious 3D figures or even elevation decorations. It’s precisely because of these elements that a boring official building or a cold gallery can gain a magical, Christmas atmosphere. Christmas illuminations are available in many forms, colours, partners and sizes.  From a few centimetres, which will only be a delicate accent of a given space, to huge decoration becoming a staple of the city. 

3D figures are without a doubt one of the most effective city decorations. They more often than not reference the Christmas scenery and effectively invoke the interest of pedestrians.
Three-dimensional illuminations can represent gifts, baubles or angles, as well as a giant figure of Santa Claus. Because of the fact that, as a company, ADAL realises individual projects to order, the final look of such a decoration is entirely up to the customer. 

It can be forgotten that, festive illuminations are also a lovely way to brighten an entrance to a park, hotel or square. These types of elements will be a wonderful addition to nay street causing laughter and joy to those around.

Christmas themed signs 

The placing of festive signs such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” has essentially become a tradition. Somehow it always is the best solution, bringing in crowds of inhabitants and tourists. However the most popular, are always signs reflecting a city’s name, additionally dressed in festive motifs. Shimmering elements decorated with the help of LED lights create, unforgettable visual effects.

Lamppost decorations 

Decorations destined for lampposts are a great way to subtly decorate the city’s urban space. Here you can choose out of traditional flat elements, as well as enriched three-dimensional decorations. these decorations can not only adorn a lamppost but the lampshade as well. For sure the most interesting decorative propositions are corner pieces, curtains or horns which are filled with LED lights. 

Examples of festive street decorations prepared by ADAL

 ADAL as a company, also specializes in the manufacturing of festive street decorations, which are mostly used in urban spaces. We realise projects concerning decorative elements for lampposts, 3D figures, as well as professional montage of lighting effects highlighting the architecture of a building. Many of the projects we have so far created have won the hearts of many people, that appreciated ingenuity as well as the beautiful finish. All of our decorations are created using the highest quality of materials as well as modern technological LED solutions. 

Ozdoba świąteczna w kształcie kokardy

Illuminated figures for the city of Olawa 

The illumination project realised by ADAL for the city of Olawa encompassed  a few illuminated light figures referencing Santa Claus. Based on that we created a 3 meter fall shoe from which, tasty treats and gifts were poking out, a 5 meter tall figure of Santa Claus with his beard wrapping around the body as well as a 9 meter tall Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. 

Besides that, as requested by our customer, we created two 2 meter tall figures of swans on a sheet of water, made out of a holographic mat, in the middle of a fountain. Additionally we dressed the city hall in two red ribbons. 

Illuminated Christmas tree in Gliwice 

We have repeatedly created Christmas trees in a wide range of shapes, which surely are the most important symbol of Christmas. The decoration designed for the city of Gliwice is made up of two parts. On one side the Christmas tree had been decorated with illuminated elements in the form of snowflakes as well as a long Christmas chains made out of LED lights. These were created using holographic mats and iridescent baubles, making the decoration visible even during the day. The second side of the tree has been covered with reflective baubles, that formed diamonds, perfectly composing themselves into the space created by the rings around the tree. The entire tree was rather spectacular, creating crowds of the inhabitants of Gliwice. 

Christmas is a special time of the year, which we, full of joy,  spend with those closest to us. Which is why it’s so important to make those late night walks or midday shopping sprees pleasant with the use of adequate decorations for public spaces. A wide offer of Christmas decorations by ADAL will allow you to create a positive, festive atmosphere in your, city town or community bring a smile to everyone’s faces. The possibility of creating fully personalise projects made to order will truly make all of your Christmas wishes come true. We invite you to join a group of our satisfied customers!

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