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Choinki w Koziegłowach

Why is the city of Kozieglowy so famous for their Christmas trees ?

Many people have heard of the Christmas trees manufactured in the city of Kozieglowy. What’s especially interesting is the way how, the tradition of selling Christmas trees, in this rather small town, come to be. Kozieglowy, called the Christmas tree basin of Poland I a picturesque community located in the Myszkowski county. Their nickname isn’t without cause, the rich tree trade can be back up by many stalls with trees, adverts and billboards presenting Christmas trees and decorations.

Well-established polish brand
Christmas tree production
Tree madness
Global offer by ADAL
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Generous opinions about polish trees

Kozieglowy Christmas trees – well-established polish brand

The production of Christmas trees first began in Kozieglowy in the mid-80s. considering the state of things in Poland, the production of Christmas trees was something new and innovative, which is why many of the families living in the county got interested in this enterprise. The first models, created in the peaceful corners of home, did not resemble the models we see today. Over the years the manufacturing process has been perfected. The offer of products kept growing wider and wider. This is how Kozieglowy was reborn as the centre for Christmas tree production in Poland. The current Christmas industry includes wreaths, garlands as well as other ornaments created using artificial materials. In the last year over 1700 business entities have been registered, that declared the conduction of this sort of activity, with 300 of them, being business producing Christmas trees. It is also possible to learn the manufacturing traditions while visiting Kozieglowy. Currently it is not only the local inhabitants that use their services, people from all over the country and the world order their Christmas trees and ornaments. This family led, local market has been reborn into a full-fledged business with a global reach.

Christmas tree production

The production of artificial Christmas trees cannot be counted as an easy one. It all begins with the cutting of rolls of PCV foil, which later are placed in a machine, that will produce tiny pine needles out of them. What follows is that the resulting needles are wound on a piece of wire, creating singular branches, in the business called moustaches. The next stage is done by the working force of the works, they manually twist the branches together with the especially prepared equipment. The last stage is to join the elements into crowns, which are created in the shape of a pyramid, resembling the construction of a Christmas tree. The production of trees starts around the end of February and goes all the way through to late December. What’s rather interesting is the fact that only 30% of manufactured trees is distributed in Poland, 70% is exported internationally.

Festive madness – trunk based trees and more

Thanks to the rich market of festive products in Kozieglowy, it’s very easy to create a comparison of prices and quality among producers. It goes without saying that thanks to the large amount of manufacturers, costs of production can be kept low encouraging competitiveness. Because of that the offers prepared by businesses are varied, and costs adequate to the quality of products offered. It is the perfect option for people looking for exceptional and well-made decorations. Especially popular are trunk based trees which can be found in the offer by ADAL. They are a very close imitation of a real woodland tree, that looks natural and works great as both, a Christmas decoration or a natural accent for a garden or balcony. It’s not just products that draw-in clients but the décor of  the sales outlets as well. The exhibits in the shops of Kozieglowy look truly impressive, inviting clients to their shops take interest in their collection.

Choinka Gigant w Koziegłowach

Trees produced in Kozieglowy – Global offer by ADAL

ADAL is happy to pride itself with a very good opinion among polish and international clients, which encourage more clients to look at our offer. If you are in the market for sophisticated decorations, which will create an unforgettable Christmas spirit, then we encourage you to have a look at our offer. We are on the market since 1997, and we are still developing our techniques and innovating our products. We bring together the passion for tradition, while not forgetting the modern trends. Our artificial tree production has been certified by laboratories in USA and Europe. What makes ADAL truly special is the wide range of products offered as well as the ingenious techniques used to create high quality Christmas ornaments. We work with many international producers, and our products are exported to France, Germany, Great Britain and many more.

Urban space

Adal is famous for not only singular orders, our experts are authors of projects, which you can view on the squares of polish towns. One of such works is the tallest decoration in the form of a Christmas tree created for Forum Gdansk. Products prepared by us go through a multi-staged analysis. We put your needs and likes first, which is why each project we design is proceeded by a thorough talk with the client, so that we can include ever need and idea. All of our concerns are then passed to our design team, that includes them to create a fully personalised project. Besides giving our clients the design freedom, we always give our best, so that the final effect is always stylish and modern. For the purposes of discussing the details of your order we invite you to visit our offices located on Lipowa street 72 in Kozieglowy, as well as vising our online store, in which you will be able to find many inspirations proposed by the ADAL team. You will be able to browse many photos of urban space decorations created for hundreds of polish towns and counties. Starting from giant trees, through wreaths and garlands and finishing on festive illuminations.

Generous opinions about polish Christmas trees

Thanks to such companies as ADAL, the Polish festive decorations business is flourishing and becoming popular all over the world. Information about of products have even reached Asia, Africa and even Australia. International clients prise the unique selection of Polish products, which reference tradition while using modern manufacturing techniques. The latest trend in the realistic artificial pine tree with needles as long as 20 cm. Moreover decoration made from aspen shavings are gaining popularity. Tradition that one man gave birth too has been kept up to this day and is a source of income for the inhabitants of Kozieglowy.

Kozieglowy is a perfect example that, the originality of Polish projects and the hard work of human hands has been appreciated. It’s a place worthy of visiting simply because of the wide range of available products and the reliability of services provided. Everyone will find their dream Christmas tree here!

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