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Świąteczna figura 3D

3D figures not only for Christmas

3D figures are one of the more important decorative elements for not only shops, shopping malls but restaurants and hotels as well or even public spaces. This is because, many people can’t imagine a Christmas without decorated streets or Valentine’s day without decorative hearts in the windows of shops and town squares. It is such decorations that create the wonderful festive atmosphere, as well as enhancing cultural happenings such as festivals or contests. It also can’t be forgotten that 3D figures can be a brilliant way to advertise. ADAL encourages you to familiarize yourself with their offer of three-dimensional decorations. 

What are they?
Advertisement solutions
Offer by ADAL
Urban space decorations
Christmas ornaments
Occasional projects

What are 3D figures? 

3D figures are especially created, three-dimensional structures, their job is too imitate real life objects as closely as possible, such as ornaments, characters or a light up sign. Decorations such as these are immensely effective in a given space, as you can add colourful LED lights. They help draw in crowds of people and create a wonderful visual effect. 

Despite the fact that figures such as theses ae most commonly used during Christmas time, they are just as effective during other important events such as Easter, valentine’s day, the beginning of summer or even an all year round decoration.

Why are they worth it? 

The idea behind using such structures is obviously to draw in people and potential customers. After all it is thanks to a proper advertisement and the element of surprise that can affect a brands or company’s popularity. By choosing this type of a marketing solution it is important to remember, that figures designed by you will become the staple of your brand, shop or service. Which is why it’s so important to go for high quality. You will never have to worry whether your figure will simply break after a few months of harsh conditions and will only be fit to throw out . if you want high quality and innovative design, then look no further and check our offer! Some of the installations produced by ADAL are used by our clients for a couple of years, while time did not influence their look or quality at all. 

These structures can be used in many models and formats, which makes their thematic diversity truly wide. They will especially work well in hospitality, gastronomy and tourism industry. They will not only decorate a shop, hall, room or office, but will also effectively display the type of business they are in. It’s becoming more common for the event industry to use such decorations, for which we create perfectly balanced, thematic decorations for all sorts of events. By choosing to order a 3D figure, you can be sure that your company will stand out on the market and become more visible.
Some elements can also become your company’s staple, which can be added to following promotions and advertisements, such an element will be extremely useful when creating an entire network of locales. 

All of our products are made using materials of the highest quality, which a fully resistant to atmospherically effects and mechanical damages. Some of our available designs can be easily attached to the ground in such a way, to ensure that the figure will never fall. Stability and security are an integral part of all our designs. 

Figures produced by us can easily be used inside a building as well as outside of it. Thanks to this they can become a decoration for any type of local, salon or club as well as decorate public spaces.

Offer by ADAL, occasional or 3D figure adverts

Our offer ranges from occasional or festive figures  to more personalized projects such as a 3D advert figure. Based on your clients’ needs we can produce almost any type of figure. It’s important to note, that all our projects are created with care and reflect reality to the highest degree.  

Urban space decorations 

3D figures can be the perfect way to complete a decoration of an urban space. Large, colourful characters and items, which will draw-in kids and adults alike, often become a staple in a given city.  Such decorations can become an attraction not only during the festive period, but decorate a street or square all year long. 

An example of such a popular decoration, which has been fully produced by ADAL is the figure of “Reksio”, a hero of a famous polish animated series. Created for the needs of Bielsko-Biala city, which is the home town of our cartoon hero. Our Reksio has been equipped in numerous interactive elements such as a wagging tale and barking sounds accompanied by the theme song of the show. The project was realised using only the highest quality of materials such as aluminium, holographic mat or LED rope and strings. The figure itself became an instant hit within the city, attracting tourists and inhabitants that immensely enjoyed the decoration.

Figura 3D przedstawiająca Reksia
3D figure representing “Reksio” – Bielsko-Biala city 


Illuminated signs are one of the most popular decoration options, not just in Poland but across the whole world. Many of the capitals in Europe can boast of having such a decoration, becoming their symbols, next to which tourists just have to take a photo. ADAL company also creates illuminated signs to order, which can be used in urban spaces as well as an occasional decoration say for valentine’s day. 

One such decoration was created by ADAL for the city of Czestochowa. The first and foremost job of this project was to promote the city, among the inhabitants and tourists alike. Created using an aluminium structure, holographic and iridescent mat and LED lighting. The sign was an instant hit with the inhabitants of Czestochowa and became the symbol of the towns square.

Festive decorations

Three-dimensional decorations and ornaments are most commonly used during Christmas time. These light illuminations adorn not only streets and shops but hotels, restaurants and shopping malls as well. In the dream of building a wonderful festive atmosphere, ADAL offers a wide range of occasional projects, which will surely do just that. 

Our festive projects have adorn among others the city of Olawa. The overall project was heavily influenced by Santa Claus. 3D figures ranged from a 3 meter tall shoe filled with candy, a 5 meter tall figure of Santa Claus and a 9 meter tall Christmas tree with gifts surrounding it. 

Occasional projects 

3D figures also work extremely well during occasional events. Such important city wide events as festivals and concerts sometimes require additional decoration. These illuminated figures not only promote the event, but also encourage take silly photos with friends, which can become a wonderful everlasting memory. 

In 2018 ADAL designed an illuminated figure for a very popular festival in Oswiecim called “Tauron Life Festival Oswiecim”. The design referenced the logo of the event, which was a hand showing the peace sign. The 5 meter tall decoration adorned the main town square, enjoying high popularity among tourists and inhabitants. 

This shows that 3D figures are rather versatile, being used as decorations or adverts. They truly are a spectacular attraction, drawing-in new tourists. We invite you to join a group of our satisfied customers! 



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