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Choinki sztuczne z oświetleniem LED

Artificial Christmas trees with LED lights

Artificial Christmas trees with LED lights have become a synonym of festive atmosphere. Such giant trees can be seen in town centres, around famous buildings, even in office buildings as well as shopping centres. Each of the already mentioned locations vastly differs from each other in terms of character, style and atmosphere. Following this train of thought, can a tree lit up with LED lights create a unified interior decoration? Read more on the subject below.

Festive diversity
Universal style and durability
Christmas atmosphere

Select an artificial tree with LED lights to complement its surroundings

Artificial Christmas trees with LED lights, base for this article, that decorate urban spaces can be as tall as 20 meters. Each year managers of important buildings and locations try to ensure that their objects provide unique, visual spectacles for their clientele. ADAL helps them achieve this. Christmas trees found in our offer are especially personalised for their intended destination. This in turn means that, despite what model of tree is ordered, it will work well with its environment. It’s all thanks to their individual decorations. Colourful baubles intertwined with LED lights, thanks to which Christmas trees look great during both night and day. Our trees go through a careful design process, to maximise their effectiveness in their intended location. Here at ADAL we realise that a historic shopping mall will require a different kind of decoration when compared to a modern shopping centre or a toned office building. Decorations as well as LED lights are therefore personalised for each location.

Other decorations, as well as Christmas tree models

It is important to note, that Christmas trees by ADAL are not only different in terms of their decorations. Distinct tree looks can be achieved thanks to a range of models which can be found in the offer by ADAL. Among the basic models you will find the Giant Standard and Giant Exclusive Christmas trees. They are both based on a conical construction covered in artificial pine needles, as well as heights reaching over 20 meters! Giant Standard tree has a smooth surface when compared to Giant Exclusive which has unique, branches covered by artificial pine needles perfectly imitating a natural tree. Second model also comes in a Slim variant, which allows it to be placed in really tight locations. The offer by ADAL could not be complete without trunk based Christmas trees. Models such as My Tree, Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra are available to order. Based on your needs the tree can be either bought or simply rented out. In the second case we will also take care of storing said non-standard constructions.

Kobieta oglądająca miejskie dekoracje

Why can artificial trees with LED lights be placed anywhere?

Artificial trees with LED lights are dedicated for both, exterior and interior venues. This means, that structures as well as elements attached to them must have special properties. Aluminium elements used to create the construction for our trees have a very high durability. They can withstand loads associated with artificial pine needles, decorations are well as negative weather conditions. But what’s most important, LED lights, as well other decorative elements are properly secured so that they won’t fall off. To guarantee the highest levels of safety during the exposition of Christmas trees, our specialists will take care of their assembly and montage in the indicated location. Thanks to that we maintain a high standard of our services, guaranteeing sate and malfunction free decoration. Besides transport and tree assembly The ADAL team will also ensure the decoration is plugged in into an appropriate power source.

Stable interior decoration

Despite the fact that trees located on the outside are prone to damage, here at ADAL we also create interior decorations. In this case structures have to be properly attached to the floor, while decorations and LED lights have to be secured from potential damage. This can be especially hard when you consider space limitations. However we can assure you that we have all of the required machinery and a team of experienced workers to properly install your decorations. Here at ADAL you have the most influence over the course of our cooperation. From the moment of order, through the design stage to the realisation of your project, we will remain in close touch so that any and all corrections can be implemented. We realise that transport and montage of a giant construction can be a big challenge, which is why we do this task for you. Once the Christmas period is over we can also remove and store said decorations.

Surroundings lit up with thousands of lights

Are you still unsure, whether an artificial tree with LED lights is the best thing for your town? It’s worth taking a look at other options. Besides the artificial Christmas trees we also offer, spacious illuminations that will adorn the space around the tree. In this case the character of a given location is also taken into account, which needs to be highlighted by the prepared lighting. An example of this would be the decoration created for the town of Bielsko-Biala, the home town of iconic cartoon heroes “Bolek and Lolek”. It is here that we created a three-dimensional illuminated figure of the mentioned characters.
Each and every place can be an inspiration which we will use to create a one of a kind decoration. Christmas time is a special time, which we love to highlight with our trees and decorations.
Nothing stands in the way of a beautiful Christmas tree finding its way into your town. Dedicated decorations and height will ensure that the tree will create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

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