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Sztuczna choinka stożkowa

Artificial conical Christmas trees made by ADAL

Artificial conical Christmas tree is one of the most commonly purchased festive decorations for urban spaces. Visually impressive structures are mainly located in city centres or shopping malls where they can easily create a festive atmosphere. Before it lands in the hands of the people ordering it, a design plan as well as decorations used and storage need to be sorted out. Have a look the solutions offered by ADAL – Christmas tree manufacturer for 20 years.

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Giant trees by ADAL
How to store?
Decorations fitting the surroundings

Conical trees manufactured by ADAL

An artificial conical tree can take on almost any shape, which is not only dictated by the decorations adorning it. Here at ADAL we have created a few models that look like a natural pine tree. First of them would by the Giant Standard, a tree with a smooth surface, entirely covered by artificial pine needles imitating a natural forest tree. An alternative to the Giant Standard would be the Giant Exclusive tree. The basic difference between the two is that this model is covered by artificial pine branches that protrude from the main pain of the tree. Giant Exclusive was designed to look as close to the real deal as possible, which is why it’s so popular. We also have a Giant Exclusive Slim Version – recommended for clients that are looking for a sizable tree but do not have enough space for the Giant Exclusive. This is thanks to the smaller base of the tree.

Solution for trees, but not just that

There is no one standard place, where you can see a Christmas tree. In the span of over twenty years giant conical trees by ADAL have adorned many historical locations, cities, shopping malls, public institutions or around modern buildings. Working with any type of client has been a challenge which we always face head on. Our trees are created in a range of sizes – the biggest we ever made was over 20 meters tall. It is important to us, that our decorations are safe for their audience, which is why each of our elements is secured to a stable structure. This in turn is weighed down and installed so that even the strongest gust of wind will not knock it down as well as other weather conditions. We are very confident in our constructions, which create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere anywhere they are.

Ośnieżona choinka

How to store an artificial Christmas tree

An artificial Christmas tree can be as tall as 20 meters. It is a complicated structure that can be rather troublesome not only during assembly, but also when it comes to storage. Warehouse selected for the storage of such elements must firstly be large and adjusted to handling delicate Christmas decorations. This in turn is composed of several elements, such as baubles, light illuminations and structure parts covered by artificial needles. It’s important to protect the tree from moisture, which can negatively impact the tree and its decorations. An artificial tree along with its decorations should be stored in dry place to ensure the proper functioning of the decoration. Transportation of said decoration also requires special care, decorations dent to be delicate and can be damaged easily during transit. Clients ordering an artificial tree by ADAL is not left alone with their purchase, they can count on a team of professionals that will take care of transport, assembly, disassembly and in special cases storage as well.

Christmas decorations – buy or rent

There are two distinct ways to cooperate with ADAL. First is to buy an artificial tree which will decorate a chosen location by the client. In this case we will handle the design process based on the guidelines set forth by our clients, ensuring it fits well with the intended surroundings. Next the tree is transported to the location requested by our client, while a professional crew handles the assembly process. Our team take great care to ensure the decoration is safe and stable, as well as ensuring the decoration works and is properly connected to the power supply. Once the festive period is over we can also disassemble the decoration. However there is an alternative to this. We offer the option of renting a giant tree. In this case we offer everything above as well as storage of the decoration in especially prepared warehouses.

Conical tree decorations vs the surrounding

An artificial conical Christmas tree can be the only festive attraction you put up in a given location, as well as become a part of a whole spectacle of light. Here at ADAL we specialise in the manufacturing of giant Christmas trees, but we also prepare warm and subtle festive illuminations. In the year 2019 we had the privilege of creating the decorations that adorned the streets of Bielsko-Biala, the home town of the famous Bolek, Lolek and Reksio. Light illuminations prepared delighted the town inhabitants as well as tourists visiting the city.
We try to ensure that both, giant Christmas trees as well festive illuminations are fully integrated into their surroundings, which is why we fully research their final destination. Historical spaces will require a different type of decoration than a modern shopping malls. We fully understand this, which is why we approach each design  project individually.

Artificial Christmas trees in non-standard sizes have a very big impact on their target audience. Their creation requires special equipment, personnel and knowledge thanks to which we can interweave aesthetics and safety with ease. Choosing a structure, decoration as well as type of transport and storage are all very important to the clientele. Here at ADAL we do our best to ensure the process of procuring festive decorations is as smooth as possible. On our website you can find a small part of our realisations, including artificial conical Christmas trees.

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