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Artificial tree manufacturer – explore the offer by ADAL

Poland is one the leaders in the manufacturing of artificial Christmas trees in Europe, and especially good export results can be attributed to the commune of Kozieglowy in the Silesia province. Among the companies located in Kozieglowy that produce Christmas trees ADAL has become very famous, responsible for many projects, that in the last few years have been widely discussed and praised on the public forum. 

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 Types of trees Available projects Tree manufacturing in Kozieglowy Artificial trees vs ecology

ADAL, local manufacturer of cone and trunk based Christmas trees

ADAL, is one of the biggest cone and trunk based artificial Christmas tree manufacturers in Poland. Our trees are highly valued on the country market, but they are also exported overseas – for example to Great Brittan, France, Denmark but also such far away continents as Africa, Asia or Australia and Oceania.

Company history

ADAL was founded in the year 1997 in the city of Kozieglowki in the commune of Kozieglowy, in the region, that has a long history of manufacturing artificial Christmas trees. The small local company quickly grew and gained fame and became a well know brand across the world working with many international leaders. Currently in the companies offer, a wide array of articles in available, not only suited for Christmas, but also for Easter, valentine’s day or public space decoration going all year long. 

Types of trees

The head office is located in Kozieglowy, on Lipowa street 72. The building has not only an office, but a showroom as well, in which ready realisations of trees as well as other decorations can be seen.  ADAL is responsible for many realisations, which drew in the attention of the population, but also for ones that became tourist attractions for big cities. One such project, which became widely known in the media, was the biggest Christmas tree in Poland, created for Forum Gdansk, gigantic shopping centre located not too far from the antique part of the historic capital of Kaszuby.  Another such project created by ADAL was a 18 meters high Christmas tree for the City Council of Gliwice.  This project used a lot of modern and pioneering solutions. 

Available projects

Projects, that have gained fame and continuously became tourist attractions, are still available to our clients. Take the tree created for Gliwice, it uses the classic Giant Standard tree, and is always available in ours companies offer. Models of this tree can be anywhere from 4 to even 30 meters high. Made using an steel construction with artificial pine needles braided throughout – all of this in the well know conical shape.  The standard series in not the only one available in our offer. There also exists a Giant Excusive variation, which thanks to a special manufacturing technique looks like a natural live pine tree. Trees such as these are used in both interiors and exteriors of buildings. Such a tree could have been seen by the inhabitants of Silesia that visited the prestigious Silesia City Centre shopping mall. This exclusive model is also available in the slimmed-down “Slim” version.  The “My Tree” model almost identically reflects the subtle looks of a natural tree. Except for the “forest” colour of pine needles it is also equipped in an imitation of the real life tree bark. In its day this model amazed the clients of Hala Koszyki located on Koszyki street in Warsaw. It is also the only tree available that uses a trunk instead of a cone shaped structure.  Except for the Christmas trees best suited to decorate open public spaces as well as spacious atriums of shopping malls, ADAL also offers trees in standard height as well as very small ones. In case of the smallest models, their height starts at 80 cm and ends on 40 cm. There are 3 models available in this division – including a tree imitating a live Alpen spruce. The next category of trees is available in heights from 120 cm to a maximum of 240 cm. These trees are typical in volume for standard Christmas decorations with many models available. Biggest differences between these can be seen in the level of the “Natural lool” of needles, needle density, colour (available in non-standard colours) as well as tree type ( You will also find trees that can’t be attributed to any know tree type). Depending on the model we also offer different types of stems, into which branches are set, as well as steams imitating natural looking tree trunks covered in tree bark like material. 

Ośnieżone drzewko świąteczne
Christmas tree dusted with snow

Tree manufacturing in Kozieglowy

Thousands of artificial Christmas trees are produced and exported from the commune of Kozeglowy each year. Trees such as theses can currently be seen in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany as well as such remote countries as Australia, Israel, Kazakhstan or Russia. Thanks to the production of artificial trees the town stays afloat not only during Christmas but all year long.  Trees created by ADAL separate themselves from the rest with their high quality and grandeur. This is thanks to the automated production and the specialistic equipment fulfilling all of the current markets regulations and rules. Materials used in the manufacturing process of Christmas trees also need the correct certificates and follow rules such as fire safety. Additionally Christmas trees produced by ADAL posses certificates issued by laboratories located in Europe and the united states.

Artificial Christmas trees vs ecology

Artificial Christmas trees are obviously a kind of a substitute for the natural Christmas tree. Choosing them over that live trees can be attributed to the lessening of the deforestation all over the world. It has been noticed that the need for trees, which will be used during the Christmas period in shopping malls and big companies is on the rise – it is especially important for the tree to look great. In private homes artificial trees are slowly pushing out their natural counterparts – their biggest selling point is the ability to re-use them for many years. This in turn make the products offered by ADAL more popular. It does not seem, that this trend will cease to exist in the near future – at least in Europe. The European Union since the times of EWWiS has been including pro-ecological solutions in their future plans, a proof of that can be their strategy for 20202. Based on these documents prepared in Brussels we can stipulate that the need for artificial trees will only rise in the coming year, and their presence in public spaces will become that much more common. 



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