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Choinki sztuczne jak naturalne

Artificial Trees. Why are they worth it?

Artificial Christmas trees can be used for private needs as well as in a large shopping centre or public space. Carefully made products will perfectly imitate a natural Christmas tree. Moreover they are flawless and can be ordered in any size or style. Such decorations can be found in the offer by ADAL, which has been manufacturing them for over 20 years!

Why are they worth it?
Where will such trees work best?
Home and office y
Shopping galleries and public spaces
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Financial and ecological aspects

It is important to note that manufacturing an artificial tree is less harmful to the environment over a longer period of time than having to grow a new tree each year. Artificial models will last you for many years, so you won’t have to buy a new decoration each year. This makes them ecological and economical at the same time. A one-time investment will refund itself after a few years. You won’t have to worry about the process of buying a new Christmas tree, transporting it and setting up in the intended location. Artificial models are easy to store, while our Hook in system or the quick distribute system makes them very easy to set up and well as take down.


Mama z córką na tle choinki

Adjusting the size and style of a Christmas tree

When looking for a natural Christmas tree, you will have to visit several places, before finding the right tree for you in terms of style and height. And even after all it will often be too tall or wide, meaning spending more time with it. When thinking about artificial trees, all of said parameters are under your control. We can therefore, select a Christmas tree, that fits perfectly the space available. You can also select the style of a tree that suits you best. It could be a slim option, conical or an exclusive tree with more branches. It is a big advantage to have full control over the shape, style and size of a Christmas tree, as this will ensure it will meet everyone’s taste.

Where will artificial Christmas trees work just as well as natural trees

Artificial yet natural Christmas trees can replace real pine trees in your home, as well as public spaces. They present well, and you won’t have to worry about watering or them loosing pine needles. Additionally a single product can last you for many years at least. Such decoration, in larger formats, are often used to decorate open spaces. Be it a shopping mall, town square or other such places, you can be sure they will become the staple of your city.

Home and office spaces

More and more people opt out for artificial variants for their houses and flats. Well-made trees, in no way look worse than their natural counterparts, more often than not they actually look much better. Additionally they are a lot more comfortable. You won’t have to take care of them every single day, worry about fallen pine needles that will require cleaning up. An artificial tree can be simply packed up once the season is done, stored away and ready for when you need it next.

Shopping galleries and public spaces

Artificial models are also used in shopping galleries or public spaces, such as city decoration. During Christmas time you should find lustrous decorations, out of which Christmas trees are leading the way. In mid with this, ADAL has been working on special, giant size tree models. They can be even a dozen of meters tall. Our company offers a comprehensive service for such orders, including transport, montage and disassembly.

Artificial, yet natural by ADAL

In the offer by ADAL, you will find artificial Christmas trees that look natural. We have been manufacturing them for over twenty years, and our experience allows us to create beautiful products of high quality. You can find a wide range of products within our catalogue, in different styles as well as sizes. Most popular are our Giant models, dedicated for public space decoration.

Wide range of products

You will find a huge amount of Christmas trees within our offer. They could be the mini or Lena models that come in smaller sizes. You will also find medium sized trees, from around a meter to 240 cm tall. It’s a perfect solution for your home, office or shop. We also have some of those models in a Slim variation which comes with a smaller base diameter. Each version has a different style, finish are thickness. Therefore you can select a Silhouette, Milenuim, Natural, Carmen or Verona model. In turn our Exclusive versions come with a higher amount of branches, thanks to which the present wonderfully. We also have MIX PE models, which perfectly imitate young branches. More information can be found in our catalogue.

Giant Models

For clients, in need of larger trees, a selection of our standard models is also available as giant, few dozen meters high trees. An interesting selection would be the My Tree model, they can reach the height of 8 meters and come with bark imitating materials. Our Giant models stand in a league of their own. Their size can go up to 26 meters. They are first and foremost used as decoration for shopping malls or public spaces. You could decorate any space or square with them. Our Giant options are available in 3 versions, Standard, Exclusive and Exclusive Slim.

The current technology used in the process of creating artificial trees allows us to create trees, that look and feel as if they truly were natural Christmas trees. Because of this they have become a lot more popular, for both personal and commercial use. If you are interested, we encourage you to take a look at the offer by ADAL. We are an experienced manufacturer that has a wide range of products in many sizes.

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