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Choinka sztuczna jak żywa

Artificial yet natural – Offer by ADAL

Artificial trees that look as live trees – these are the models that we most often look for in the pre-Christmas period. This special time of the year, accompanied by a wonderful atmosphere, is a time during which, we surround ourselves with important symbols and decorations. For many of us the Christmas tree is the most important of them all. They just can’t bare spending this magical time without their most important ornament. It is becoming a common practise to by an artificial tree over a live one, which essentially look exactly the same. Additionally they are better for the environment and are incredibly economical. Adal encourages you to familiarise yourself with their offer of artificial Christmas trees for both public spaces and enclosed areas. 

Why it’s worth investing in an alternative to the natural tree?
Offer by ADAL
Artificial trees in public space
Synthetic decorations for homes, offices and enclosed areas

Artificial yet natural, why it’s worth investing in an alternative to the natural tree? 

Artificial trees – not always resemble their live counterparts – have entered the market over a dozen years ago. Their main job was to successfully eliminate the deforestation of our forests around the Christmas period. Unfortunately the early models did not enjoy high popularity. Not only did they not look great but they also did not resemble live Christmas trees, but the main issue was their manufacturing process. Most of them were produced using metal and plastic, both of which have a long decompose time. In no way, shape or form did this have a positive impact on the environment.

New solution – ecology mixed with great looks 

Thankfully synthetic trees don’t look as bad as they did years ago. Firstly the design process is completely different, thanks to that they can boast thick, branching branches as well as an intensive natural green colour of pine needles. It is very easy to make a mistake when judging them. It’s also important to note that, modern models are created entirely out of polyethylene, which is fully recyclable. 

Great for people with allergies 

It is vital to remember, that the purchase of an artificial tree comes with many benefits. It is a great option for people with allergies, especially those concerning resin and dust. Investing in this type of tree will help create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, without the risks associated with allergens. 

Great savings 

Artificial pine and spruce trees also allow for great savings. It will not be necessary to go shopping for a new tree each year, which after the end of the season would have had to be thrown out. Polyethylene Christmas trees can easily last over 10 years, at the same time remaining beautiful and green. 

Order and durability 

Such trees will surely help with the need to clean up pine needles every day. They will also be extremely useful with any house pets, which can not only knock off pine needles from a live tree but also distribute them all over the house. 

None should have any doubts, that a synthetic tree can not only look great, but be extremely safe for its surroundings and the environment. 

Kolorowe bombki choinkowe

Artificial yet natural – offer by ADAL

In the rich offer by ADAL you will find artificial trees that look as good as natural trees, which can be used to decorate a home, office or shop, as well as much larger trees used for urban spaces. All models are produced from the highest quality of materials, which are ecological and economical. 

Spectacular project 

Trees produced by ADAL really do look like their natural counterparts. That is closely tied to the intricate design process from each of our models, so that it will be very hard to distinguish from a live pine or spruce.  All trees have very realistic plant shoots, which can be freely regulated, creating a satisfying effect. With the use of polyethylene, the trees do not need special treatment of being kept in a set temperature. They will look just a great in a hot hotel or the biting cold of a city square. 

Easy assembly and storage 

Moreover the storage itself, as well as assembly are especially easy. Most of our models can be put together from a few marked parts, which have to be connected together so that you can enjoy a wonderful decoration. In the case of bigger trees designated for urban spaces we offer not only the possibility of purchase but help with assembly and disassembly as well. 

Certificates as a guarantee of safety 

In the assortment provided by ADAL, trees with the necessary certificates provided by laboratories in USA and Europe can be found. This means that they can be used in enclosed as well as open spaces, and not create a fire hazard. It is not uncommon for a live tree to catch fire from the heavy heat and energy outputs that Christmas lights give off. They can spontaneously combust increasing the risk of a fire. 

Artificial trees in public space, homes and offices

Artificially created Christmas trees look as if real, effectively decorating town squares or parks. A decoration such as this can create a one of a kind, festive atmosphere in a given place as well as attract tourists and inhabitants which often take memorable photos with the decoration. 

Trees as public space decorations 

Offer by ADAL includes a wide range of artificial trees, which turn out to be the best solution for decorating an open public space. An example of that can be the project realised for the Cracow Gallery. This gigantic tree has been placed next to the main train station, while the tree itself has been decorated with numerous illuminated Christmas chains. This impressive Christmas decoration was a hit with the population of Cracow. 

Not just trees – festive illuminations and 3D figures 

It is very important to note that the ADAL brand not only creates projects dedicated for Christmas time. Public spaces can be additionally decorated with tall, wonderful illuminated 3D figures, garlands or an original sign. 

What about your home or office?

More and more people decide to place an everlasting tree in their home or office. In the offer presented by ADAL you will also find tiny models which can be set on  a table, closet or a shop counter as well as tall trees, up to 5 meters high, that will be a beautiful addition to spacious room, lobbies or offices. 

ADAL catalogue includes a wide array of trees in many sizes. To each of the models available, you can pick accompanying decorations such as garland or animated LED lights to create a beautiful Christmas composition.

Enjoy our offer! 

Artificial trees can be a wonderful Christmas decoration for both public spaces and indoor areas. Not only will they be an everlasting investment effectively serving you for many years, but also a safe and ecological solution. The wide range of models available in the ADAL offer as well as the possibility of individually designed projects will surely make this Christmas period a truly memorable one. We invite you to join a group of our satisfied customers! 

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