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Choinka sztuczna jak prawdziwa

Artificial yet natural

An artificial Christmas tree that looks just like the real deal is a perfect alternative for live Christmas trees which you can find in town squares, shopping galleries and other such buildings. What makes artificial trees truly greater are their ecological and aesthetical values. They are tightly designed with a specific location in mind, working perfectly with their surroundings. What’s also important is the trees size, or the lights and decorations it has. Is it worth to pick an artificial tree over a live one.

Spis treści
Multi-season solution
Transport, montage and storage support
Which trees for urban space?
Live or artificial?

Artificial yet natural Christmas trees, a multi-season solution for Christmas time

An artificial tree that looks just like the natural, is often selected by people that are looking for a good alternative to the live pine or spruce tree. Artificial trees don’t lose any needles with the passing of time. Additionally, the carefully prepared construction maximises the natural look of the tree, with their rich pine branches, and in the case of some models – bark imitating material covering the trunk. Artificial Christmas trees are considered to be very ecological by some. Such a tree can be sued for many years while a live tree will only last you a single Christmas. Investing in an artificial Christmas tree allows us to design it specifically for their intended location. Based on that their height and decoration can be adjusted. It is all done so that the visitors of shopping malls and town squares can fully enjoy their time there.

Wsparcie w transporcie, montażu, magazynowaniu

Customers can either buy or rent a several dozen meters high Christmas tree. This can potentially create some logistical problems such as montage or how to connect it to a power source – after all not everyone is a professional in creating urban space decorations. If you select the offer by ADAL, you can enjoy the benefits or our comprehensive service package. Your Christmas tree will be delivered to its intended location, assembled and hocked up. Our team of professionals knows perfectly well how to connect each and every part together so that you can enjoy a flawless decoration. Depending on your needs, ADAL will also take care of disassembly, followed by transporting your decoration into one of our safe warehouses. There it will be able to stay until the next Christmas season.

Czerwona bombka na choince

Which Christmas trees will look as if real in urban space?

Public buildings and cities that select an artificial Christmas tree are presented with a very wide selection. We offer the choice to buy or rent a Christmas tree from a wide range of models as well as a personalised design project just for you. Thanks to that you can select a Christmas tree, that will look natural. Now it’s time to meet your options.

Giant Standard, Giant Exclusive and Giant Exclusive Slim Christmas trees.

One of our propositions are the Giant Christmas trees based on a conical shape. Very detailed construction is covered with artificial pine needles to resemble a natural spruce tree. Our Giant Standard offer an even, smooth shape while the Giant Exclusive looks more like a natural tree, with irregular branches. We also offer a special solution when our clients don’t have a lot of space available. The Giant Exclusive Slim Christmas tree can be just as high as the other versions, while maintaining a much smaller base. Each of the models above is well suited for interior and exterior exhibition, while maintaining high safety standards.

My Tree and Pine Giant, trunk based artificial Christmas trees

A Christmas tree covered in artificial pine needles does not have to come in a conical format. Here at ADAL, we have come up with a solution, that allows us to assemble a giant Christmas tree with a centre trunk at its core, which can be seen in our My Tree and Pine Giant models. Both trees ae covered with thick artificial pine needles that look very realistic. They cover sprawling branches that are attached to the centre structure, which in turn is covered by a bark imitating material. For many, these trees look so realistic, that they confuse them with real natural spruce or pine trees. The basic advantage of these trees is their size – they can be several dozen meters high. Just as it is with any artificial tree, My Tree and Pine Giant can be decorated in such a way, that will amaze during both day and night.

A natural or artificial Christmas tree?

An artificial Christmas tree that looks just like a natural is considered by many to be a perfect equivalent to a live Christmas tree. They say, this kind of decoration will last many seasons and doesn’t required the yearly cutting down of large natural pine or spruce trees. Ecology lovers highlight that, truly large trees will require over a dozen years to fully grow, which can be destroyed in minutes. And that is not all. Artificial trees come with dedicated decorations, which match any location, be it historic or modern. Thanks to a well thought out design project, Christmas trees created by us are a true spectacle to behold. Even the assembly of a several meter tall Christmas tree is not a problem, our team of professionals will take care of that. It’s no wonder that more and more mayors and city presidents decide to buy an artificial Christmas tree.

City officials and cultural establishments have an alternative to decorating urban spaces with live Christmas trees during Christmas time. Artificial trees can measure from a few to several dozen meters, looking like a true Christmas tree. It is not only an ecological solution, that will lower the cut down of trees for many years, but will also have high aesthetical values. An artificial tree is matched to its surroundings at the start of each project, highlighting the wonderful Christmas atmosphere all around.

ADAL has been delivering their Christmas trees to cities and shopping galleries for any years, offering long-term decorations. We encourage you to have a look at their offer in more detail. An artificial tree can be the perfect alternative to the natural pine or spruce tree.

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