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Main Square Christmas Trees – Models and Variations

A Christmas tree has become a must have Christmas decoration of town squares and plazas. City centres have a tendency to uplift the spirits of pedestrians with such a Christmas tree, but it also encourages them to voice their opinions on its subject. It truly is an art to create and place a Christmas tree that will work well with the aesthetics of the city centre. For many years ADAL has been helping city councils in creating such a Christmas decoration, which amazes and excites but also references the historical values of its surrounding.

Giant Conical Christmas Trees
Trunk based models
Projects by ADAL
Personalised style
Montage and storage

How might a main square Christmas Tree look?

Main square Christmas tree can take on many shapes and sizes from natural pine/spruce imitations to modern conical designs. Here at ADAL we prepare constructions from scratch – starting with the design through production and finishing with montage and storage. Described below are models, which can decorate your cities main square.

Giant Conical Christmas Trees

A classic model offered by ADAL is the cone based Giant Standard Christmas tree. Artificial pine needles are attached to an aluminium construction, creating a full and unified shape. An alternative to such a tree is the Giant Exclusive model – a cone which imitates a natural pine/spruce tree. Same as in the Standard model, the shape is based on an aluminium construction. Artificial pine branches are attached to this structure in such a way as to fully resemble a live pine/spruce tree. Squares that have a restricted amount of space available can choose our Giant exclusive Slim variant, which comes with a smaller base diameter and a slimmer look – allowing it to inhabit the tightest of places. All of our Christmas trees can be placed outside – thanks to our perfectly balanced base, the tree will resist sudden gusts of wind and any other weather conditions. Each tree is decorated with lights and baubles with accordance to its intended surrounding. We offer trees from a few meters to over 20 meters high.

Światła choinki

Trunk based Christmas trees

For all those, that are looking for a tree that truly looks like a natural tree, we highly recommend our trunk based Christmas trees covered with bark imitating material. Just as our previously described offers, trees of this variation are decorated accordingly to the town squares individual look and feel. They can reach enormous sizes, and thanks to our special montage techniques of artificial pine needles, the trees fully resemble their natural counterparts. Here at ADAL we manufacture such models, an example of that can be the My Tree model. By merging a trunk covered with bark imitating material and carefully installed artificial branches this tree is the most realistic among the trunk based models that we offer. Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra are a series that closely resembles a pine tree. Branches are connected to the main trunk, creating a realistic effect. Both of them can reach a height of over 15 meters.

Main square Christmas tree designed by ADAL

First and foremost a Christmas tree has to compose well with its surroundings – be it historical or otherwise. Because of this decorations produced by ADAL and designed to order. We include a final display spot for the Christmas tree and based on that we adjust light and decorations used.  Our baubles and stars come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Similarly we over special LED light strings, which work extremely well in cold temperatures. Depending on the character of a given square, cold or warm lights will be used to ensure fluid continuity between the two. It is also important to note that Christmas trees produces by ADAL are designed to look great during both, day and night.

Individual style that works well with its surroundings

We have been working with city councils for many years now, and its precisely because of that we realise the challenges and expectations that lay ahead. It’s not just about creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in the city walls, but ensuring the safety of all around the decorations. especially when dealing with none standard sizes. Here at ADAL we are capable of creating Christmas trees that come close to 20 meters high – such constructions are carefully balanced and stable. Movable elements are a no go, as they create potential treats to the surrounding people. Both lights and decorations as well as the aluminium construction create a coherent whole, as ensured by the employees of ADAL that are in charge of assembly. An impressive decoration such as this will deal with rain, snow and other possible weather effects.

Montage and Storage by ADAL

Christmas trees situated at town squares can have over 20 meters, making them a nonstandard constructions. This in turn means, that its transport, montage and storage will require special equipment and knowledge which can be problematic. ADAL takes responsibility for assembling your order in the desired location, complying with current health and safety laws. The service includes both, connecting particular pieces into a bigger construction, as well as proper mounting of lights and decorations. Once the Christmas period is over, ADAL will safely disassemble the decorations and store them if necessary. If the city council strongly pushes for our company to store a nonstandard Christmas tree we offer the option to rent such a tree instead. In this case we take on the responsibility of correctly storing the decoration in one of our warehouses.

Main square Christmas tree can take on many forms – from tree trunk based trees, to modern cone shaped trees perfectly imitating a natural pine/spruce tree. Our decorations work well with their surroundings, are stable and pose no threat to their surroundings but mostly can withstand sever weather conditions. You can familiarise yourself with some of our so far realised projects. Each model references individual features of their surroundings, so that they both look amazing!

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