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Christmas trees – symbolic and practical

A Christmas tree is probably the most recognizable symbol of Christmas time all around the globe. The tradition of decorating pine trees in Poland can dated back to 19th century. Since that time it is hard for us to imagine Christmas time without a beautiful decorated Christmas tree which reminds us, that during this festive time – family warmth is most important.

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Best urban space decoration
Real or artificial?
Spectacular design
Can a tree be fashionable
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Why a Christmas tree is the most effective urban space decoration?

According to Christmas tradition, a decorated pine tree is the symbol of life. We commonly associate this Christmas attribute with family time, warmth, Christmas greetings and gifts. Which makes it very hard to imagine a Christmas time without one. A beautifully adorned tree can be a wonderful interior decoration – be it private or public such as shopping galleries, sports centres or official buildings. On the other hand if placed outside, such spots as the town square, will draw in crowds of pedestrians or tourists, which will instantly become entranced by its beauty, taking photos and sharing on social media. A Christmas tree should set the theme for the surrounding decorations – which means – during Christmas time it should never be forgotten.

Real or artificial ?

A real or artificial Christmas tree – it’s a dilemma, that countless people face each year, especially when selecting a tree for your house. When it comes to urban space, a choice such as this should not be so hard to make. Ecology has become the top talk in the recent years, which is why it’s so important to take into account. City councils are a sort of role model, and receive the harshest criticism for their choices. It is believed that a real tree is the more ecological choice here. This is because the available trees on the market are especially bred for this purpose in locations that are not welcoming to natural forests ( for example under high voltage power lines). On the other had artificial trees are criticised for their manufacturing process which is closely tied to the emission of harmful substances. This comparison is only correct when it comes to big companies that produce trees on mass. Products offered by ADAL are produced with the best possible materials. It only takes them 3 years of use to become friendly to the environment, when compared to buying a real tree each year. An artificial tree can last us years while maintaining their astounding looks.

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Artificial tree means safety

Artificial charismas trees are available in a wide range of types and sizes. They are always created on a stable construction, tree size plays no factor here, this allows even the tallest trees to be completely safe. This is extremely important for urban space, which during Christmas time is visited by a large amounts of people. Safety also plays an extremely important role when we take into account children. It only takes a moment for a natural tree to lose balance and fall. ADAL takes the responsibility of setting up the tree properly and safely, thanks to which city officials or shopping centre managers can remain confident that this type of decoration remains stable and safe.

Design, that impresses

Despite the fact that a natural tree can reach the height of more than 10 meters, the cutting down of such a specimen will not be approved by the inhabitants of any city. This makes artificial trees the best choice for all, that expect more than anything something monumental. Christmas trees in the offer by ADAL are adjusted to the needs or every client and can easily reach the heights of 15 or 20 meters. Such a height ensures that the Christmas tree will always be visible and not become “lost” in a few stories high shopping gallery. You won’t even have to worry about its storage, since we offer transport and montage services, as well as storage of the purchased or rented tree. Moreover, services provided by our company include professional decoration of said tree, thanks to which each and every client can rest assured, that the final effect will amaze more than a few people.

Modern Christmas tree, characteristics of a fashionable tree

Festive decorations should be not only elegant and aesthetic, but keep up with the times as it were. When it comes to trees, the most popular are the modern trunk based models, which are loved by parents and kids. The characteristics of such a tree are its natural and fashionable looks. Thanks to this, its branches don’t start right at the bottom, but at a certain height from the stand, this model takes up a lot less space and it safer for younger audiences. Trunk based trees work wonderfully in homes, especially those decorated in a modern style. They perfectly match a natural decoration, since they look, almost as if part of the forest. It does not require much decorating and can remain minimalistic. This type of tree also works well in locations, that are heavily limited by available space as well as everywhere, where we want to minimalize any damage to the tree or its decorations.

Timeless models of Christmas trees

Besides the trunk based trees, classical models dedicated for urban spaces remain in fashion. They are the conical variations, Giant Standard, Giant Exclusive and Giant Exclusive Slim. Trees of this type are a universal, stable and sizable choice, which doesn’t limit our decorative options. However for this type of tree to match a modern arrangement, it needs to be decorated according to the rules of minimalism and elegance. Among our realisations you will firstly find trees decorated in only light, trees adorned in golden decorations as well as trees in a traditional style, with the heavy use or golds and reds. However our company leaves the final say to you, the client with the colour or type of decorations available in our offer.

A Christmas tree is an everlasting symbol of Christmas, which should appear in urban spaces with the beginning of December. Beautifully decorated, impressive tree will most likely stand in the most central part of any given city and draw in thousands of inhabitants, as well as tourists to itself and the surrounding area.

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