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Choinka stożkowa

Cone shaped Christmas tree. Perfect Christmas decoration

Cone shaped Christmas tree is becoming a very common element of decorations designated for urban spaces during Christmas time. It replaces natural pine or spruce trees which tend to be very problematic when decorating, while the final effect is not exactly amazing. The aluminium structure ordered at ADAL can be over 20 meters tall, the artificial pine needles covering it magnify the visual effects of decorations and lights placed on the tree. A giant Christmas tree can an inside or outside decoration, since it handles hard weather conditions with ease.

Types of Christmas trees
Projects matching the urban character
Models available at ADAL
Giant Standard
Giant Exclusive
Giant Exclusive Slim Version

Does every cone shaped Christmas tree look the same?

A cone shaped Christmas tree differs drastically from trees based on a natural tree trunk imitation in terms of structure. The construction is aluminium made, based on a circle with the diameter customized to the height needs of the ordered decoration. Depending on the model the Christmas tree can be covered with artificial needles in a tight, uniform configuration (as seen in the classic Giant Standard Model) or with elements imitating natural pine branches, thanks to which the structure gains the appearance of a natural pine tree (Giant Exclusive model). When ordering you can choose what height the model selected will achieve. Cone shaped Christmas trees can start from a few meters to over 20 meters high – the most spectacular structure ever completed by ADAL stood at an astonishing 26 meters high.  We take great care when creating decorations, so that they remain visible during both day and night.

Cone shaped projects matching the urban character

The final look of a given decoration is highly dependent on the character of the space in which it will be standing. Its exclusive lighting and décor are always personalised to the final surroundings – urban spaces, shopping malls or a company’s headquarters. We realise, that an entirely different Christmas decoration is required for an antique city centre and a modern shopping centre. When preparing our projects, when keep this important fact in mind. We use not only LED lights in a wide range of colours (from warm yellows to cold blues), but also baubles, stars and other elements when decorating cone shaped Christmas trees. Decorations come equipped with adequate qualities based on their intended location, this makes them highly resistant to sever frosts, heavy rainfall or snow. More importantly they are very stable, which makes them perfect for both, inside and outside.

Duża choinka w mieście

Cone shaped Christmas trees available at ADAL

Cone shaped Christmas trees can take many forms. Based on your needs we have created models, which in a magical way create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in a given city. Underneath you will find a list of all of our cone shaped Christmas trees.

The Classic – Giant Standard

The Giant Standard is considered as a classic Christmas tree by ADAL. The cone is created using an aluminium construction on which artificial pine needles are placed. The surface of the Giant Standard looks just like a uniform, thick tree – the surface is smooth with no poking out branches, as is the case with the Giant Exclusive. The project create by ADAL is very stable, thanks to which is can easily be a central exterior decoration (town square, near important city buildings) or an interior decoration (shopping malls, bus stations, recreational buildings). The decorations for a cone shaped tree are designed after familiarizing oneself with the specifications of the designated location.

Pine tree imitation – Giant Exclusive

The characteristics of the Giant Exclusive differed slightly from our Standard model, it has an uneven surface. This is thanks to irregularly placed elements, which are covered by a high quality artificial pine needles, thanks to which they look exactly like natural pine branches. This in turn makes the Giant Exclusive look like a natural spruce tree, which can have spectacular sizes. As was the case with the Giant Standard, the base structure is also an aluminium cone, which handles room temperature as well as outside weather conditions.

Special model – Giant Exclusive Slim Version

Within the offer by ADAL you will also find a special version of the Giant Exclusive – the slim model has a uniquely thin base, making it take up less space. The diameter of the tree has been reduced by an amount, that would not impact the natural proportions of the tree. The decoration is relatively high, and thanks to the solutions used in the Giant Exclusive it does not have a smooth surface, but an uneven one, characterised with a natural spruce tree. Final tree decorations are highly dependent on the characteristics of the surrounding are, the tree will be standing in.

Large cone shaped Christmas tree with a comprehensive service

At first glance, a large cone shaped tree may seem problematic – the vision of assembly, setting and storage can be really daunting at times. ADAL fully accepts the responsibility of after sale services, which means that and order with us includes professional assembly, transport and storage. The structure is safely transported to its intended location. Each and every part is carefully unloaded in the spot designated by the client, following that the decoration is assembled into an grand structure. During the assembly process our specialists will ensure a proper power source is secured, and will check all of the elements for faults. Once the Christmas period is over, we will take care of disassembling and securing the decoration. This is done to protect the decoration from harm so that it can be used the following year. More importantly you can either buy or simply rent a Christmas tree. In the second case the disassembled elements are taken to a special storage facility provided by ADAL.

Before we start the design process of every tree, we familiarize ourselves with the specifications of the location, in which the tree will be standing. Christmas decorations designed in such as way will always work wonderfully with their surroundings, amaze city inhabitants as well as shoppers visiting shopping malls.

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