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Ekskluzywne choinki sztuczne

Exclusive Artificial Christmas Trees

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees should stand out, with high quality, which in turn means spectacular looks. It’s also important, for them to be ecological and safe. Trees from a good and experienced manufacturer can look exactly like real pine or spruce trees, while being comfortable to the owners, because they don’t need to be looked after. Effective and detailed Christmas trees can be found in the offer by ADAL.

What are the characteristics of such trees?
Offer by ADAL
Exclusive systems and service
Comprehensive offer

What should be the characteristics of an exclusive Christmas tree?

Exclusive Christmas trees need to be extremely detailed. Such a tree will look as if natural, or even better. Safety certificates are very important as well, thanks to tem you can enjoy your trees with a worry in your mind. Ecology is also a very important factor for many people, using recyclable materials is therefore a very god practise. Finally and artificial tree should be very easy to set up.

Effective looks and finish

The quality of materials used, and the level of detail, plays a massive role and allows the trees to look truly spectacular. The time when we could easily differentiate between real and artificial trees is long past. Top quality products should have well-made pine needles and carefully placed branches. Most of this is up to a specific model. Currently you can choose between very thick or sparse trees which have irregularly placed branches, which look the most natural. Exclusive Christmas trees have to be crafted very carefully and aesthetically pleasing.

Złota bombka na choince


By purchasing a quality Christmas tree you need to be sure that it will be fully safe. if this is the case the tree will be fine even if the lights stay on for a long amount of time. Therefore it is key, that they are made out of materials that are not flammable. With the current regulations in place, products must fulfil certain requirements in the field. It’s important to note the certificates which will show the product is not flammable and fully safe.

Ecological aspects

Christmas trees not only have to be safe but also ecological. As we know, not all of artificial materials are suitable to be recycled. Its these kinds of materials that are used in low quality products. It’s a different matter when it comes to exclusive products. Such products are produced by ADAL, where we currently used polyethylene. It provides spectacular visuals and can be easily recycled. Therefore after a few years of usage, you can have the tree fully recycled.

Easy set up

By choosing an exclusive Christmas tree, it needs to not only look great but be also easy to set up. Because of this, trees that must remain in a fixed position or can’t be folded up are becoming very unpopular. However a tree with detachable branches has to be very solid, so that they won’t fall off later on. Some of the best producers use the most current technologies or develop them in house, that make the process of assembly very smooth. This also makes the storage of such a tree very easy.

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees by ADAL

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees can be found in the offer by ADAL. WE have been manufacturing such trees for over 20 years. This provides us with not just years of experience, but also years, during which we could have polished and finalise our products. This in turn allowed us to be very successful in Poland and across the globe. A selection of our trees uses special systems, that make setting up the tree fast and easy. And projects designated for urban spaces come with a comprehensive service which includes, transport, montage and many more. The offer itself is very varied in terms of style, shape and size of trees.

 A renowned manufacturer

Our company specialises in the creation of artificial trees of the highest quality. For all of those 20 years we have been basing our products on passion and precision. We also use all of the latest solutions and materials, that are available on the market. As a result, our products are perfect imitations of natural pine and spruce trees. Our products come with international certificates such as safety and if they are fireproof. Because of these practises we have been transformed from a small family run business into a big company with international reach – this confirms that we are a group of professionals and our products are worth it.

Professional systems and a comprehensive service

We take extra care so that our Christmas trees , look both great and are easy to handle. It’s precisely because of this belief that most of our trees come with the “hook in system” or the “quick distribute system” which have both been developed in house. The first one makes the montage and disassembly extremely easy while the second one makes it possible for the tree to be set up in one smooth motion. Be it individual projects or orders for our largest trees, we guarantee a complex service along with a professional montage of said decorations.

Diversified offer

To our clients, we offer a wide range of products. This is applicable to both, models designated for private use or those for urban spaces, squares or shopping galleries. Each model comes in a range of sizes while each models comes in a different style or finish. Some of them even come with their trunks covered in an artificial mat so that they would look more natural. We also offer snow-covered trees. For those in the market for a truly exceptional Christmas tree we would like to offer a tree from the Exclusive line, which has the highest amount of branches making it look truly natural.

Exclusive Christmas trees should be created with care and with appropriate materials. Thanks to that they look spectacular even better than a natural tree. It’s precisely these kind of trees that you can find in the offer by ADAL, a manufacturer, that has been active on the market for over 20 years.

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