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Festive illumination of a building can create a festive atmosphere

Festive illumination of a building can create a one of a kind festive atmosphere during these wonderful days which accompany Christmas. Beautiful light installations can make a town truly stand out in the whole of Poland, and its inhabitants and tourists will enjoy a festive atmosphere and original illuminations. Our company specialises in building and town decorations, which is backed up by years of experience.

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Town decoration
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Professional projects of festive illuminations

Festive building illumination as a way to decorate urban spaces

Festive building illuminations are one of the most popular from of town decorations across Poland and the world. For many years our company has been realising these types of orders. Based on our experience we know, how important it is to create an appropriate decoration for its intended location.

Location matched decorations

A very important planning element of such decorations is to include the locations architecture and character. Beautiful decorations aren’t everything, it can be said that poorly chosen decorations can destroy the final effect. Our company always selects decorations based on the climate and architecture of a given location. This allows us to create a unique atmosphere which will highlight a buildings beauty and character. Among our offer you will find both bold illuminations as well as delicate light installations. We are capable of creating an extremely subtle decoration which will create a warm and pleasant Christmas climate, encouraging people to hang out in urban spaces as well as more artistic installation, that will be very memorable.

Święta w mieście

Types of festive building decorations

Festive building illuminations can be freely composed so that they reflects the locations character perfectly. We like to use traditional Christmas symbols, such as stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees and the Santa Claus. However we are not afraid on new challenges and original projects. Our decorations are created using a number of different elements, which we connect based on the needs of our clients.


Christmas time is mostly associated with Christmas trees, green wreaths and garlands, which is why you will find all of those in the offer by ADAL. By combining traditional garlands with modern LED lights in a warm hue you can create a truly memorable decoration. One such project was the decoration of Belvedere Palace in Warsaw. There we used royal garlands, as well as Warm lights to highlight the columns, which are the prominent feature of this iconic building. The final effect was breath-taking.

Light curtains

LED light curtains are one of those decorations, capable of creating a festive atmosphere and are very memorable. It is an extremely simple form of decoration and that’s what makes them so beautiful. During the design process of the Bukovina hotel project we decided to highlight the modern design of this buildings with the use of light curtains. Thanks to this warm, light would greet the hotels customers not only on the outside, but inside as well.

Lamp post decorations

Lamp post can be found next to almost any building or shopping mall. They are an ever present part of street architecture, which is why it’s so important to include them in the decorative process. Delicate lights or a subtle garland on lamp posts can create a wonderful finish to the already present decorations.


Projectors area modern way to illuminate buildings, while working well with the resto of the decoration. It complements them while highlighting the character of a given location. During the design stages of the Belvedere Palace project we decided to use such a projector. It illuminated the bulging in white and red, creating the polish flag.

Often such decorations are praised not only the inhabitants of the city but tourists as well. They are simply overjoyed by such decorations. By displaying the Polish flag we highlighted the historical value of this incredible building.

Festive outdoor building illumination

Festive building illumination is a decor that with great success draws the attention of pedestrians. As the years went by it became an inseparable part of Christmas time in every city.

Such an outside decoration must fulfil a few requirements, so that it is fully functional. Firstly, such a decoration should not have very bright lights, which would disturb the people working inside of the building. Our company had the privilege of creating decorations for hotel, among them the Bukovina hotel as well as other city buildings and shops.  All of those are frequently visited by people, which is important to remember when designing festive light illuminations.

Besides that we advise and help our clients when selecting the perfect decoration, that will match their buildings character and architecture. We also take great care, so that the outside and inside decorations work well with each other. An example of one such project would be the Bukovina hotel illumination in Bukowina Tatrzanska, where we prepared the outside decorations situated on the big atrium windows as well as beautiful inside decorations, such as a huge chandelier. Simple and elegant solutions play the main role here, which gained great recognition among the people staying at the hotel.

Another important fact to remember is that during Christmas, days are generally short and dark. Our decorations, besides the obvious visual effect, provide light to grey and dimly lit streets creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere during these few winter months.

Offer by ADAL

Festive building illuminations offered by ADAL are most importantly an assurance of quality. We use only the highest grade of elements for our illuminations, which are durable, economic and ensure a faultless decoration.

Our company has been specialising in the creation of festive building illuminations for many years now across the whole country and in the recent years has become the leading manufacturer of such decorations. We don’t stop at festive outside building illuminations. Within our offer you will find original 3D figures, Christmas trees and many types of interior decorations. We also take part in the decoration of smaller locations such as offices and commercial buildings as well as large objects, such as a banquet hall of a sports centre.

We don’t limit ourselves to only LED ropes, while original and demanding projects bring us a lot of satisfaction. We like to merge tradition with modern solutions, to highlight the aesthetic valour’s of buildings or the character of a city, creating a truly wonderful festive illuminations on the scale of the 21st century.

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