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dekoracje świąteczne centrów handlowych

Festive decorations for shopping galleries

Festive decorations for shopping galleries are important not just in terms of aesthetics, but also purely for marketing purposes. With their help you can build a relation with your clients and attract potential shoppers. Which is why decorations during the festive period are so important, which use beautiful green Christmas trees and other decorative elements, adorned with LED elements. We encourage you to use choose high quality of products by ADAL.

What is the role of such decors?
Client relations
Market competition
How to create such an installation?
Interior and exterior decoration
Light elements
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Why are festive decoration so important in shopping galleries?

Christmas decorations in shopping centres are, in fact, a must-see during the Christmas season, and in practice already a few weeks before the end of the year. This is extremely important in the context of marketing itself. Before Christmas, many people are looking for gifts for their family and friends, and it is in the galleries that you can find the most stores that offer such products. The right setting allows you to make sure that people feel really good in such a place, willingly spend time in it and begin to identify with a specific subject. Of course, in this field you can see a kind of healthy competition between individual institutions for customers. The most beautifully decorated ones will not only delight consumers who already visit a specific facility, but can also attract new buyers.

Building a relationship with your clients

Shopping centres are places that, more than standalone stores, can count on loyal customers who will regularly visit them. Therefore, galleries take care not only of arousing the interest of consumers, but also building relationships with them. An important element of this is the selection of seasonal decorations, especially during the holiday season. The effective setting makes clients feel a unique atmosphere in such a place, which encourages them to spend more time and to return more often. Before Christmas, it is all the more important as many people have a really large amount of shopping to do, and all visitors willingly use service or restaurant outlets. Therefore, it is worth taking care of appropriate decorations, because it can have a direct impact on the increase in turnover, and importantly, it makes customers form a positive opinion about a specific centre, often becoming its loyal customer later, throughout the calendar year, not only seasonally.

Locations that stand out on the market

During the holiday season, and in fact even before it begins, Christmas decorations can be seen on the streets, but also in shop windows and in all shopping malls. Therefore, there is also a kind of competition between individual centres, as the effective setting may help in the fight for new customers. Currently, information spreads quickly, both by word of mouth and through, for example, internet portals, so many people will gladly go to a specific place, if they hear that you can find spectacular decorations there. Shopping in such a facility will be much more attractive than going to a gallery where there are no such decorations or they are available in a limited form. Such activities are therefore important not only in terms of the image, but also of the competition itself on the market, especially in this period of the year, which from the perspective of traders is often the most profitable time.

Dekoracje bożonarodzeniowe w galerii handlowej

What should you look out for in the context of shopping mall decorations?

When preparing Christmas decorations in shopping centres, you need to take care not only of decorating the interior, but also the facades of the gallery and the spaces in front of them. Thanks to this, your illuminations will delight not only customers, but also passers-by, and it may turn out that some people, encouraged by such a view from the outside, will decide to go inside. The base of decorations should definitely be Christmas trees, which are available in various sizes. It is worth selecting a huge tree, which will be the main point of the entire decor. It can be accompanied by various smaller decorations, and the whole should be decorated with lighting elements. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer, because ADAL has been helping in the preparation of spectacular decorations of such places for years.

Interior and Exterior Decorations

In order to make the best impression, shopping malls should be decorated not only inside, but also outside. For this purpose, specially prepared products are available, both in the context of decorations and lighting, that will be suitable for use in the open air. Of course, the internal elements allow you to create a great atmosphere inside, while the external decorations are no less important because they attract the eyes of passers-by or passing drivers. This makes the centre stand out on the horizon even more and encourages customers to enter the building. There are many possibilities here, as decorations can appear on the facades of buildings or even on trees in front of them. Often, in front of the main entrance to the gallery, there are also separate squares, where even larger decorations can be placed.

Christmas trees and smaller decorative elements

Of course, the basis will be the use of a Christmas tree, preferably artificial, which are available in various sizes. Therefore, they can be used in various parts of the gallery and in various ways. Smaller models can not only be set up, but also even suspended, which looks very impressive. For this purpose, it is worth using not only smaller trees, but also other Christmas decorations, including chains or even festive garlands. Of course, when preparing such a setting, it is worth taking care of at least one giant Christmas tree, preferably at least several meters long. It can be placed in the centre, if the characteristics of the building allow it, or in front of the building itself.


Christmas illuminations for shopping malls cannot do without lighting elements. Various variants of LED lighting allow you to decorate not only the Christmas trees themselves, but basically any elements. They can highlight pillars, handrails or constitute completely separate decorations, suspended from the ceiling and effectively lowered down. Such illuminations give the whole a truly unique character. It is worth trying to get such elements outside the centre, which will attract the eyes of potential customers.

Prepare your own decoration with ADAL

For years, Adal has been taking care of the spectacular décor of numerous shopping malls. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the catalogues available on our website, where you can find lighting products, and a selection of Christmas trees and other decorations. Of course, our flagship products are artificial Christmas trees, which are available in various versions and sizes. With decorating a gallery in mind, it is certainly worth paying attention to the models from the Giant series, which can be ordered both in internal and external versions. Adal products have already decorated many city spaces and shopping centres. An example is Galeria Wileńska in Warsaw, where a decorative train with illuminations has appeared in front of the very centre, and spectacular Christmas trees have been erected around it. Of course, decorations were not missing in the interior, where much smaller decorations were used. In another place in Warsaw, namely Galeria Młociny, there were many lighting elements, but also decorations that were supposed to refer to the ecological style. The 16-meter-high Christmas tree outside played a key role in all of this. Our assortment also added Christmas charm to the Wroclavia centre. Inside there were baubles and lights, but also green twigs and smaller Christmas trees. In turn, a huge Christmas tree appeared in front of one of the entrances to the gallery.

Shopping centres can count on increased traffic during the holiday season, while appropriate decorations are a very important marketing element for them. The beautiful setting will delight customers and attract new ones, influencing increased turnover and building ties with the consumers themselves, who thus gain positive associations with such galleries. With a view to preparing an effective setting, we encourage you to use the ADAL range, including smaller decorations, lighting elements and, in particular, Christmas trees, including the Giant models.

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