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Iluminacje świąteczne

Festive illumination by ADAL

Festive illuminations one of the best ways to bring that festive spirit we all love. Christmas trees, lights and 3D figures work wonders on the outside and inside of a building. Our company has been creating festive installations for years – we love a god challenge and don’t shy away from non-standard projects, personalized to our client’s needs. Thanks to us any public space or shopping mall can bask in the wonder that is the festive spirit. 

Decorations in an urban reality
Warsaw – Belvedere Palace decoration
Universal garlands
3D ornaments – base for originality
Bielsko-Biala illuminated figure
City in a festive setting

Outside Christmas illuminations in the urban reality of Warsaw

As specialists of Christmas decorations we know that, which types of outdoor decorations work best in an urban setting, an example of that can be the project realised for the city of Warsaw. We not only bet on effective looks, but on a high quality finish as well. Our illuminations are a good choice in terms of high endurance and resistance to the hazardous elements. Thanks to that they perform very well during the winter season and are safe for the pedestrians. It’s good to remember, for a Christmas installation to blend well with a city space. We can boast with a big range of non-standard projects, which blend perfectly into the character of its surroundings. 

Warsaw – Belvedere Palace decoration 

The Belvedere Palace is without a doubt a key location that we associate with the capital of our country. In terms of architecture it is kept in a classical style. While creating illuminations for this remarkable building, we knew how important it is to match them to the specific character of Belvedere Palace. We bet on a timeless classic, which mixed wonderfully with the style of the palace. With the use of properly placed light points we were able to highlight the architectural nuances of the building. The main columns, completely covered in light are on the foreground here.  The attention is also drawn by the corresponding roof illumination. The kingly character has also been highlighted with the use of illuminated royal garlands. In the form of classical arches they were decorating the bottom edge of the topmost windows. The installation is kept in a symmetrical spirit. Worthy of note are the projectors we installed, which ta night would illuminate the whole palace. White and red are without a doubt very effective background for Christmas decorations. 

Universal garlands 

Christmas time decorations are mostly associated with Christmas trees, but illuminated garlands are also very popular. As per the wishes of our clients we are capable of conjuring exceptional illuminations, in which festive garlands take the spotlight. One such project would be the Christmas decoration of Belvedere Palace. We are capable of matching the shape of our garlands to a specific building, keeping in mind its size, architecture and the aesthetics of the surrounding space. We recommend this type of illumination for decorating smaller objects as well as much bigger spaces.  Thinking about a universal installation, garlands are worthy of selection, emitting warm, yellow light, they will blend well with any Christmas decoration.

3D ornaments – base for originality, how we did it in Bielsko-Biala

Currently three-dimensional festive illuminations are becoming more and more popular, which work extremely well as Christmas attractions. Our company specializes in creating this type of objects – not only kept in a Christmassy aesthetic which the project for Bielsko-Biala proves very well. We are proud to say that we have many three-dimensional realisations under our belt, which distinguish themselves with interesting shapes, sizes and colours. As is the case with Christmas trees and garland based decorations, figures created by us are completely safe and durable. Non-standard solutions don’t pose any danger to us – we love to use such effects as interactive elements, which are highly popular. Such decorations are an amazing idea to quickly liven up a city’s urban space. It’s possible to select only one, highly effective figure, or mix and match it with other, more standard decorations. 

Bielsko-Biala illuminated figure

One of our more original works, is the Christmas project realised for Bielsko-Biala. An unconventional figure of the beloved “Reksio” quickly won the hearts of the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biala. We included the tiniest details, to best convey the character of this beloved character which composed well into the Christmas atmosphere. The hero of a kids cartoon is not only a simple 3D figure, as we used effective interactive elements. The attention of passer-by’s is draw-in by such movable elements as a wagging tail. We did not forget about the sound nuances, the festive figure of Reksio barks, and is accompanied by the very pleasant theme song of the show. Thanks to such elements Reksio became an iconic attraction for pedestrians, which would often take memorable photos with him. 

In the case of Reksio we applied lights, in colours characteristic to our 4 legged friend – white and yellow, which imitate his paws. To highlight the wintery feel of the installation, we decorated our hero with an illuminated red scarf. Same as our other three-dimensional figures, we used an aluminium construction as a base. With the use of a holographic mat, LED ropes and strings, we made sure the lighting effects are effective as well as economical. The figure distinguishes itself with a fabulous colour scheme and shape, while maintaining its high durability.  

Świąteczne światełka uliczne

City in a festive setting 

For the city council of Bielsko-Biala we created not just the figure of Reksio, but numerous festive decorations. Worthy of note are the elegant lamppost decorations, kept in a festive setting. We appealed to the most iconic symbols of Christmas such as a snowflake, gift and bauble. In the case of these decorations we used the a full range of colourful lights. Reds, golds, whites and greens work wonderfully as Christmas illuminations in a city’s urban space. Our decorations composed well into the architecture of Bielsko-Biala giving a modern touch to the timeless classic. We ensured correct placement, so that the decoration is full yet humble at the same time. 

We invite you to use our services – we create various Christmas decorations, including installations dedicated for certain cities or regions. If you care for remarkable Christmas figures or elegant garlands perfectly customized for a specific architecture, we are eager to design and produce individual projects. Get inspired by some of our finalised decorations or decided on something unique to yourself.


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