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Dekoracje świąteczne na latarnie

Festive lantern decorations

Festive decorations designated for lanterns are an extremely popular and most common form of decorations present in large public spaces within our towns. Such poles and their lanterns can be really effectively decorated, even with the use of lighting accessories. Streets gain a truly wonderful setting, which can be admired from up close and really far away. When thinking of creating such a spectacle we encourage you to select ADAL, as we offer quality products and a lot of experience.

Popular decorations
Offer by ADAL

Festive lantern decorations, a very common decoration for public spaces

In the context of Polish cities, Christmas lantern decorations are a very common variant of decorating spaces for Christmas. These elements can be decorated in various ways, and the effect achieved has a large scope. Such poles are placed at equal distances along the entire roads, so decorations extend over a long area and look really impressive. This can be appreciated both from the perspective of a passer-by, but also by driving a car or looking at a given street from a further perspective. Of course, illuminated decorations look the most effective then, which is why they are so eagerly chosen.

Very popular

In cities in our country, it is clear that during the holiday season, you can usually count on the festive setting for streets or popular squares (or the market square). Decorations on lanterns are very common, used many times, even in smaller towns. This is a really advantageous solution, because it does not require generating additional space, and gives a lot of possibilities. The lanterns themselves have a different form and sometimes they are so decorative by themselves that small additions or illuminations are enough, but it is worth putting on something really effective.

Spectacular effect

The popularity of this solution is also due to the fact that sometimes inconspicuous ornaments placed on lanterns can give a really amazing effect. This is especially true of lighting elements. Along the streets, there are usually a few or a dozen in a row, and in large cities, several dozen. Placing ornaments on each of them makes it possible to obtain a breath taking effect. Importantly, it looks really impressive from different perspectives. It will be beautiful for passers-by, passing drivers, but also from a certain perspective, when the decorations illuminated on the poles create an endearing string of lights. Of course, it looks particularly good in the evening hours and you can count on a truly unique atmosphere on such streets.

Ozdoby świąteczne na latarnie

What are the possibilities for preparing a festive illumination for your lanterns?

Christmas decorations for street lamps can be of various forms. Currently, projects are being made that even give a three-dimensional effect. The key thing is, however, that the proposals be really diverse. Therefore, they can be simple decorations along the structure, as well as a really effective finish on the lampshade. In addition to lighting elements, for this purpose, you can simply use garlands or other smaller decorations characteristic of Christmas, including wreaths.

Flat projects with a three-dimensional finish

Light decorations prepared with lanterns in mind can be developed in different forms, depending on the design idea. The basic idea is traditional, flat variants. However, it is possible to implement versions in which three-dimensional elements will appear, this can surprise and guarantee even greater aesthetic values.

Divers offer

Prepared decorations can be simply hung on a pole, which is the simplest solution. However, it is possible to decorate the lampshade itself, which is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Among the more interesting proposals are curtains and corners, which are placed on the upper half of the lantern and filled with LED lighting. It is worth making the selection of the design dependent on the decorative value of the lantern. Some of them, of course, do not look very impressive, so then it is good to use extensive and numerous decorations. However, antique or very decorative variants may not necessarily require a lot of decoration – sometimes it is worth limiting yourself to hanging small decorations or lights, which will only emphasize the already impressive character of this part of the street landscape.

Garlands and accessories

With all the popularity of lighting accessories, one should not forget about traditional decorations. As part of such a decoration, you can use garlands, of course, and LED lights. Other Christmas-specific accessories, such as reeds, even in the form of wreaths, may also be useful. Suspended on the protruding parts of the lantern, can sometimes complement the illumination or be a subtle addition when the structure itself is really impressive.

Festive lantern decorations by ADAL

With Adal you can plan spectacular Christmas decorations for lanterns. These can be illuminations with the use of various decorations from our offer. Of course, we also offer a wide selection of Christmas trees, which will be useful for projects prepared for outdoor squares and inside public buildings. We have extensive experience in developing such decorations, and our products are of the highest quality, so they will certainly allow you to achieve the desired effect.

Offer by ADAL

We have several suggestions for decorating lanterns. We can decorate them simply with the use of LED lights, with the help of which, however, we can also develop more advanced designs in a flat version or with three-dimensional fragments. If you want to bet on something calm, it can be soft lighting or a subtle garland. In our catalogues you will also find beautiful Christmas wreaths and decorative accessories of this type.

What else do we offer?

In addition to lanterns, our decorations can be used to decorate trees and building facades. For the decoration of squares belonging to the city or located in front of public buildings, we can prepare spectacular 3D figures. We also recommend our Christmas trees. We have extensive experience in their preparation, which is why they are of really high quality, look attractive and are completely safe to use. We have smaller models with different styles and Giant variants dedicated to public spaces. My Tree, Giant Standard, Giant Exclusive and Pine Giant Christmas trees are often used as the settings for decorations of shopping malls and markets of large cities or other large squares with holiday decorations. Therefore, we offer models suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Example of our work

On our account we have numerous realizations of Christmas decorations for cities and shopping centres. They often include elements inside and outside of buildings. This was the case with the Wroclavia gallery in Wrocław. Inside, numerous suspended, illuminated decorations and smaller Christmas trees were used. In front of the main entrance there was a modern LED sign with the name of the centre and accompanying figurines, including a reindeer. An important element was also a huge Giant Christmas tree illuminated from below. There was also a illumination at the entrance of the bus station, where columns were beautifully decorated. In turn, at the Klif Fashion House in Warsaw, the decorations took on an exclusive and extravagant style. The main element was an avant-garde 7-meter Christmas tree. There were also decorations outside, where there were, among others, bulky lantern ornaments.

In the context of Christmas decorations of streets, lamps placed on street lamps are very popular and they are perfect for this. These can be more or less advanced projects using LED lighting, although of course such elements can be decorated with traditional garlands or wreaths. Thinking about effective decorations for lanterns, we encourage you to decorate them with the use of our company’s products.

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