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Uliczne oświetlenie świąteczne

Festive street illuminations

Festive street illuminations allow you to create a very unique, wonderfully festive atmosphere. Effective decorations, which will be enjoyed by pedestrians and drivers. The possibilities are truly endless. It is important to remember to exhibit the street and other city attributes by a simple lighting illumination of buildings or by placing festive light figures and signs in strategic locations. ADAL can help you with that.

What can be the meaning of such decorations?
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Figures and signs
Christmas trees

Why is it so important to decorate our streets?

Christmas street lighting gives the city a unique atmosphere during the Christmas season. Such decorations will delight the residents and visitors of the place. They will delight walkers and passing drivers. This translates not only into admiration, but also a better well-being of people who enjoy the festive atmosphere, which is reflected, for example, in greater friendliness towards other people. Importantly, this is how you can decorate the most formal and effective areas of the agglomeration, thus emphasizing its advantages.

Unique atmosphere

Christmas is a special period in our culture, during which the cities themselves take care of the right atmosphere. This is usually seen in the streets at least from mid-December, and sometimes even earlier. This is the time when people get ready to celebrate and put themselves in the right mood. Decorations prepared in urban space foster such a feeling in all residents or visitors from other cities. Such decorations on the streets not only delight, but in their own way support the sense of community that arises in society during this period. These are moments when people are given joy and a positive attitude towards others. Lighting in public areas is therefore really important in the context of the entire festive atmosphere.

Highlighting the aesthetical values of a city

Such lighting is usually prepared on the busiest streets or in particularly spectacular parts of the city, which are its showcase. It is therefore an opportunity to simultaneously emphasize all the advantages and aesthetic values of the town. It will certainly be appreciated by both residents and tourists, which translates into the promotion of a given agglomeration in the country, and sometimes also abroad, because the effective frames are presented in photos published on various channels on the web.

Miejskie oświetlenie świąteczne

With ADAL you can create festive lantern decorations and more

You will find Christmas lighting for lanterns in the offer by ADAL. It is one of the most popular forms of decorating urban space during this period. However, it is also worth taking an interest in the decorations on the facades of buildings located on the street, which will be equally important. The setting must be selected for a specific place to achieve the right end result. In some areas, subtle, delicate accents will be useful, while in others, something expressive may be a better solution that will definitely attract attention.

Suited to space

When planning such decorations, it is necessary to remember to take into account the character of a given urban space and the architecture in a specific area. Beautiful lighting decorations must harmonize with the surroundings, because only then can you get a truly spectacular effect when it comes to the entire illumination. In some places, only small points of light are enough, which additionally highlight already beautiful places. On the other hand, in other areas, more complex lighting installations may be useful, which will add character to a place that does not present such great aesthetic values. By only taking such aspects into the account can your decorations create the right atmosphere and effect.

For lanterns

Of course, lamp posts are a very common element of the urban landscape, so it’s definitely worth using them. Additionally, they are just so easy to decorate. For this reason, they are one of the most popular decoration places during the holiday season when it comes to public space. We offer various solutions in this area, which should be chosen depending on the aesthetics of the lantern itself – these are made in a range of different styles. If they are decorative in themselves, you can only emphasize their values with delicate lighting or garlands. However, it is possible to prepare more complex designs, even with three-dimensional elements, and larger decorations of this type. They often decorate the lampshades themselves.

Building decorations

Considering the effect of Christmas lighting from the street perspective, one cannot forget that decorating the external parts of the buildings themselves will be very important for the perception of the surroundings. Decorations surrounding the facades of nearby buildings can make a really amazing impression. Of course, proper selection is also important here. We can help and advise clients in this regard to choose a decoration that will surely match the aesthetics of the facade and the character of the building itself, on which it would be placed.

What else do we have to offer?

ADAL offers not only Christmas lighting of streets and buildings, but also other decorations. In terms of lighting elements, these can be specially made figures or signs. Of course, our offer is based on Christmas trees, including Giant variants. You can supplement them with smaller decorations typical of Christmas. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer, as we already have extensive experience in preparing effective luminaires for urban spaces or shopping malls.

Figures and signs

Lighting illuminations are the basis of street decorations today. Of course, individual elements, including trees, can be simply decorated with lights, but there are definitely more possibilities in this regard. We offer various facade constructions or figures, even in 3D form, made with the help of LED lights. With their use, you can add a magical and festive character to locations whose architecture is cold or simply not interesting. Additionally, some signs referring to Christmas can be prepared, often with references to a specific city or other Christmas themes.

Christmas trees

Our company offers various Christmas decorations, but Adal’s specialty is, of course, Christmas trees. In the catalogues you will find various models in many sizes. These include smaller and medium trees, good for supplementing larger illuminations or for rather private uses. However, we also offer Giant trees, available in several versions when it comes to aesthetics or the intended use for internal or external purposes. Such Christmas trees are a perfect solution in the context of decorating public places for the Christmas period. They often decorate the markets of large cities or squares in front of shopping malls, visible from the streets. In addition to Christmas trees, our catalogues include smaller decorative accessories or garlands that can help complete the decor.

Create a spectacular illuminations with ADAL

With ADAL you can prepare unique street decorations and for public spaces. We have extensive experience in this, supported by projects in various parts of the country, and even abroad. One of the impressive illumination projects appeared in Bielsko-Biała, where, at the request of the City Hall, we realized a project of a light sculpture representing Reksio. In addition, the city was decorated with other elements, including a decorated Christmas tree or beautiful decorations on street lamps. Decorations prepared in cooperation with our company are often used by shopping malls, which repeatedly focus on external elements that are visible from the street, delighting customers and attracting new ones. Beautiful light illuminations appeared in front of Galeria Wileńska. Apart from the interior decorations, the façade of the building has been impressively decorated, and a subway train with spectacular Christmas trees has been set up in front of the centre. An example of our implementation in the heart of Poland is the setting within Plac Unii in Warsaw. The illuminated decorations were visible from the outside, on the façade, as well as the nearby trees. Of course, the centre of the shopping gallery located there was decorated with great panache, and the main point of the show was the large Giant Christmas tree by Adal.

Christmas lighting within the streets and adjacent buildings is of great importance in the context of enhancing the aesthetic values of the city at this time of the year and introducing a festive atmosphere. Decorative elements will appeal to residents and help them feel the unique atmosphere of the second half of December. With Adal you can prepare nice decorative elements for lanterns or building facades, but also especially spectacular frames with the use of 3D figures and Christmas trees, including those of huge sizes. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer!

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