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Festive trees – a way for a perfect Christmas

Christmas trees can create a beautiful festive atmosphere in any city or space. Each city has its own unique history and values. Many of the try to show this during the winter season, not only to invite tourists, but also for their citizens. And its precisely this effect that can be created with the use of an appropriate Christmas tree. Not only is it a traditional decorations evoking positive feelings. It can also be a work of art, which will draw-in attention, as well as be photographed and admired. Today we will suggest, how to get just that. 

Urban space decorations
Professional montage
Location, location, location
Modern or traditional?

Create an unforgettable atmosphere in your city. Pick a perfect Christmas tree. 

A Christmas tree, especially a tall and beautifully decorated one will always be very popular among the citizen of a given city. People love to go for a walk to places, that have such a tree, so that they can marvel at their beauty. Mainly the tall and majestic trees, being almost like a monument of Christmas values. They are a symbol of happiness, join and rebirth as well as directly reminding us of the wonderful time spend with our closest ones. In the offer by ADAL you will find many trees that do just that. Among them are models that imitate a real life pine tree, thanks to the natural looking branches. If we are talking size, they can be adjusted to fit a large plaza or something slightly more personal. A wide range of trees offered by us comes in a range of sizes – from small to giant models. The spectacularity of this festive decoration can be highlighted with LED ornaments, diodes, snowflakes, rings and more. Each tree is one of a kind, adjusted to the character of a given city. 


Besides the standard green coloured trees we also offer models in a wide range of colours. The most popular is often the colour white, which distinguishes itself with elegance, as well as being a direct reference to a snow-covered tree. An elegant tree like that will truly stand out of the crowd. 

Professional montage 

All of the trees in our offer are assembled and installed by a team of professionals, which will ensure that each element is properly secured, and the entire construction is stable and durable. Even the worse weather conditions are nothing to our trees. High durability of the parts used as well as great precision during assembly ensure that our decoration will last through even the harshest winter. And when the time comes to celebrate a different occasion, we will disassemble all of your Christmas decorations leaving you worry free.

Choinki w miejskich alejkach

Are you looking for a perfect space to place a Christmas tree. Let our specialists guide you 

Our offer is so rich, that you will be able to find a tree to your liking without a problem, that will perfectly fit your cities atmosphere. We will also you select a model that fits best the space chosen by you. Their durability is high enough so they will resist outdoor conditions just as well as if they were staying indoors. The most commonly selected model is the cone shaped variant, but we offer much more. To us what’s most important that the selected decoration highlights the original character of the placed selected by you. 

Plaza, square and other strategic locations 

Christmas trees are usually placed in the most important locations throughout a city. Which is why plazas are very common, located near fountains or monuments. A very popular choice is the middle of town square, which is always visited by many, as well as places, where a Christmas markets can be found. Out giant trees with unique decorations, are the perfect way to create a little festive spirit and cheer  in the heart of a city.   

Christmas trees in buildings 

Buildings easily accessed by the public are also a popular choice for Christmas trees, such as a shopping mall or hotel. A figure of a Santa Claus can be often found near our trees as well as other artistic installations associated with Christmas time and attractions for both adults and kids. A spectacular Christmas tree will be a beautiful addition to any location, distinguishing itself from others and attracting crowds of people, which will not only admire the tree but also spend some time on shopping as well. 

Modern or traditional? Which three will work best for you? 

In our offer you will find traditional Christmas trees as well as some in a more modern setting. Which one will work best in your city? This depends entirely on you and your idea for a perfect Christmas. My Tree is a model that has become very popular over the past couple of years. Based on an artificial tree trunk, this branch tree perfectly imitates a natural live Christmas tree. Besides the many realistically recreated branches the tree also comes equipped with a bark like material covering the tree trunk. It is kept in a subtle and delicate style making it perfect for traditional decorations or something more illustrious, designed by our clients. We offer an aesthetically pleasing decoration that will blend in superbly, into the remaining Christmas decoration. 

Personalised ornaments 

Our tree ornaments are always original and personalised to your standards and needs. Which is why not only are we capable of using multi-coloured lights and festive designs, but we can also create a decoration with a logo or colour scheme or your choosing.  They are a wonderful form of decoration not only creating a festive atmosphere but promoting your brand or company as well. Such an attraction creates a very effective advert, that not will pass by without examining. These solutions are most commonly used by big shopping malls. 

Colour of a city 

Urban Christmas trees located in town squares or often visited places by citizens and tourists are not only a perfect way to decorate them. They are also an opportunity to bring attention to the history of a given place. Ornaments placed on our Christmas trees can take the shape of signs or other local figures. They can be important dates, slogans or personalised decorations highlighting the values of the city they are located in. Such a tree will not only turn the attention of citizen to local patriotism, but intrigue tourists and will be the spark that ignites their interest in the city’s history. Wonderful, exceptional Christmas trees can also be used in movies and promotional photographs. 

Christmas tree decoration a shopping malls or the centre of a towns square will become an attraction for many, encouraging to take memorable photos with the tree as background. The decoration will cause, the festive spirit to spread through the people and ensure they enjoy their time in a given place. It can also be a way to distinguish a given space, making it more attractive, as well as promoting a given brand of city.

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