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Sztuczna choinka ośnieżona

Flocked Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees which have been flocked can be a great addition for public and private spaces. It can be a bold alternative to the classic Christmas tree or simply a wonderful decoration. You can successfully place it in your home or flat, it will also be a great addition to your office or shop. Accompanying the traditional variants, smaller trees with a bit of snow will create a wonderful festive decoration.

Our proposal
Side or main decoration?
Where to use such trees??
House or flat
Shops and service points
Other areas of work
Part of a large decoration

Select an flocked Christmas tree by ADAL

If you are looking for an artificial, flocked Christmas tree, we encourage you to take a look at the offer by ADAL. Within our catalogue you will be able to find a couple of such trees. Some come in the form of typical Christmas decorations, but you will also find classic trees, but of course, covered in snow. This is only a small part of what we offer, here at ADAL, where you will also find a wide range of green trees, in an array of styles and sizes. Among them are the Giant models, commonly used as decorations for large public spaces.

Our models of this kind

Our most basic choice in this category would have to be the Mini Flocked, meaning a small and simple tree with a snow covered effect. They are available in 3 sizes : 40, 60 and 80 cm. If you are in the market for something a little bigger, we recommend our Olivia model which ranges from 1,2 to 2,4 meters. If you are thinking of something a little less typical, a great solution will be the our Flocked Alpine trees in jute as well as the Flocked Alpine Spruce on a wooden stand. The last one comes in a range of sizes starting at 60 cm and going up to 210 cm.

Other trees in the offer by ADAL

As one would expect we also offer a wide range of traditional, green Christmas tree. They come in many styles and sizes, starting from a few centimetres to a couple of meters. We highly recommend our Exclusive line of trees, which has a higher amount of branches, making for a truly rich and spectacular decoration. An important part of our offer are the Giant trees, especially dedicated for large open spaces, as they can be over a dozen meters tall or even over 20 meters as is the case of Giant Standard. These products by ADAL are often a big part of festive decoration schemes seen in public spaces, accompanied by our smaller Christmas trees with a colourful illuminative elements, all provided by ADAL.

An excellent example can be the Gemini Park in Bielsko-Biala, where a large model of our Christmas tree was placed in front of the main entrance, while the inside was decorated with our smaller models, along with festive garlands and other decorations. Our Christmas trees have also been a part of the decorative scheme for the Poznan City Center gallery. Beautiful, decorated trees amazed shoppers with their wonderful festive illuminations. .

Sztuczna choinka ze śniegiem

An artificial, flocked Christmas tree as a side, or main decoration?

Many people wonder whether an artificial Christmas tree in the form of a flocked spruce can replace a traditional, green Christmas tree during the festive season, or should it be treated as a side decoration. In practise, it all depends on your intentions. It is clear that these are atypical decorations, which will create a unique atmosphere wherever they end up standing. Therefore they can be a great addition when placed on the side, however with bold arrangements, they can easily be treated as central decorative elements and your main Christmas tree during the festive season.

A stirring addition

Trees of this type will surely created a unique atmosphere. The same type of an atmosphere simply can’t be achieved with natural trees, which might delight with their green, vibrant colours but they snow that was once covering them will be long gone once you set them up in your home. By selecting this model you can easily enjoy winter on the inside of your home, and surprise your guests with an interesting decoration. Smaller decorations of this type, can successfully be placed on furniture, this will help them remain visible and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere – by adding a few other elements, such an arrangement can be truly spectacular.

This is a good alternative to a classic Christmas tree?

Most people treat these kinds of elements as extra decorations. However this does not mean that it should not be considered as a main Christmas decoration for your home or office. It will be an interesting and original alternative to a traditional Christmas tree. This should be recommended for cameral locations, where you would not be able to fit a large tree. With the use of a flocked tre, you can ensure the decoration stand out and amazes.

Where will a flocked Christmas tree work?

An artificial flocked Christmas tree can be used for a number of occasions. It will most definitely work as a decoration for your living space, where beauty and festive atmosphere is most important. Staying in the frame of mind, you can easily use such trees in your shop or service points, where they can delight shoppers. Such models should also be thought about for other areas of work such as offices. They can be a part of a larger installation, for large open spaces such as squares and shopping galleries.

Living spaces

In nearly all Polish homes and flats, during the winter season, you will be able to find festive decorations, such as Christmas trees. Flocked models can, in an original way, replace traditional festive decorations or can be an additional items. Small models will be perfect, or say tables in your halls, kitchens and living rooms. This truly creates a lot of possibilities.

Shops and service points

Such decorations will truly be a perfect idea for a festive exposition for a shop or service point. Thanks to this you will be able to create a festive atmosphere virtually anywhere you wish. They can also help attract potential shoppers.

Other places of work

If has been observed that offices and workplaces are also being decorated during the festive season. But to reduce the amount of space take, smaller decorations are most often used. Such trees are available in our flocked line, looking just as good as their bigger companions. Small ones can be placed on furniture while big trees can stand right next to them or serve as the decoration for main halls, receptions and atriums.

Part of a larger decoration

Such Christmas trees can be also used as part of a bigger, decorative installation, especially prepare for open public spaces. This can be often seen at shopping galleries but not only there. A substantial chunk of large locations is decorated during the winter season, they are often based on large Christmas trees, the smaller models can play just as an important part. Flocked variants can be a wonderful choice for such concepts, so they should always be considered.

In the context of artificial Christmas trees, you have a large playing field during the design process. One of the models are the flocked trees, which have a large following behind them. They can be a replacement for the traditional Christmas tree or an additional decoration. Because of this they will find themselves among personal and public decorations. People interested in such models are encouraged to look through the offer by ADAL.

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