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Choinka gigant

Giant Christmas tree for your city

A Giant Christmas tree with colourful lights, large baubles and wreaths are elements, which during winter time become almost a necessity in each city. Selecting an appropriate hue and purpose for these decorations can create an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere, however such arrangements will not make any city stand out. Only by using sensational and expressional decorations can such an effect be achieved. The offer by ADAL is truly rich, but giant Christmas trees remain the most effective type of decoration.

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One element that changes everything
Effective decorations
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Szeroki wybór choinek gigant

Giant trees are most commonly placed in town squares, plazas or other strategic locations throughout the city. Thanks to them, city inhabitants visit such places to fell that unique and special Christmas atmosphere and admire a grand and richly decorated traditional Christmas tree. Out of many models offered by ADAL, you can pick one that suits your cities character best and works perfectly in the desired space. We offer trees that look indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, as well as more modern trees suitable for current trends.

Cone based constructions

Giant trees, that are based on a cone shaped construction can be a great urban space decoration, but also wonderfully illuminate enclosed spaces, such as shopping malls, concert halls and many more. It’s a perfect solution for individuals that wish to connect modernity with tradition. Our Giant Standard model is a classic in high demand. It will work in any space necessary with ease. Its universal look is especially appreciated in special cases, when the required tree needs to wow and amaze but not feel too heavy at the same time. Next in line is the Giant Exclusive Slim Version tree. It comes equipped with branches, which provide the tree with a more natural look. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space. Which is why it’s mostly used in shopping mall decorations, as space is key, we don’t want the shoppers to feel trapped. With a height of over 1.5 meters, it’s base diameter is only 67 centimetres.

Choinka przed Galerią Krakowską

Trunk based trees

The offer by ADAL also includes 3 trunk based trees, with a 16 meter tall giant tree and small trunk based Christmas tree where the trunk is covered with holographic mat as well as a My Tree variation that used a bark imitating material for its trunk. Such trees in mostly recommended when the desired effect is a tree that looks just like the real deal. Pine Giant, My Tree as well as Pine Giant Extra differ from each other when it comes to size, branch placement, thickness and length. Pine Giant tree stands out the most from the three, as its branches start from the middle, which helps to create an interesting optic effects. The tree seems even bigger than it is. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer of Giant trunk based trees.

One element that changes everything

It may seem, that one element may not have any effect on a shopping mall or town square. However our Christmas trees are so spectacular, that none will pass them by without stopping to take a look. Our realised projects prove, that large Christmas trees are a central point of any arrangement. They also become a trip destination, be it city walks or shopping trips. Giant trees are so beautiful and unique, that all wish to see them up close and take a memorable photo. It is a common practise for shoppers to choose a mall purely based on their Christmas decorations where the giant tree is the main attraction.

Why are giant Christmas trees such a comfortable solution

It is a common belief that giant trees are very problematic and very hard to assemble/decorate. By choosing trees by ADAL such thought will never enter your mind. The tree will be decorated with accordance to the project prepared by our employees. We will also take care of assembling the tree in the designated location. Our structures are solid and stable, the trees will survive any weather conditions and remain intact. They have been built from materials highly resistant to rain, snow and wind.

Effective urban space decorations

Each year, more and more cities, decide to decorate important urban spaces with a Christmas tree. Be it natural or artificial. However trees with a standard height and common decor don’t do much for the current population. They are not exactly exceptional. They do a good job in creating a Christmas atmosphere but fail to stand out from other decorative elements. It is the giant trees that draw in attention best, thanks to their size and realism. They are simply spectacular and promote a given city well. Many people visit squares and plazas just to see such a tree, photograph it and share it on social media. They are a true local attraction, and thanks to them the city has a great free advert, which draws in tourists.

Giant Christmas trees decorated in an unique way

Giant Christmas trees are not all about size and look, which is identical to a natural tree. They are also unique and personalised ornaments. Each and every tree decorated by us is one of a kind. Their colour and decoration and established during the design stage. There are no limitations here, we can use colour associated with you city or decorations based on your logo. The beautifying elements of any tree are LED lights, beautiful baubles, ropes and many more. All we need is the intended purpose of the tree or the desired effect, and we will bring forth an unconventional projects, which will not only be beautiful but intriguing as well.

Giant Christmas trees are truly amazing, they are assort of beautiful and spectacular monument dedicated to Christmas time. They are an attraction, visible from miles, that makes any place stound out. Each and every one of them is decorated in an unique way. But most importantly they create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. In our projects we connect both modern and traditional designs and solutions. This can only lead to one thing – a spectacular decoration, which will be cause of many smiles. This in turn creates a sort of advertisement for cities, shopping malls and individual companies. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our realisations that include giant Christmas tree.

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