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Świąteczna iluminacja w postaci choinki i bombki.

What you don’t know about decorations in Polish towns

Decorating cities during Christmas time has become a true Polish festive tradition. Appropriately picked festive illuminations, shining garlands and effective Christmas figures providing an urban space with a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and cheer. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and energy efficient LED lights, Christmas decorations do not have to be associated with daub and lack of style. They are also not harmful to fauna and flora. Matching a decoration to a buildings character can truly create something spectacular. A large amount of cities uses these modern solutions so each year, thousands of tourist and inhabitants can enjoy their Christmas time the way it was meant to be. 

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Ornaments – why are they so important?
Decorations v architecture
How should ornaments look?
Safety first
A way to promote a city
Here at ADAL we put originality first
Together, let’s take care of our urban spaces

Festive decorations – why are they so important? 

Cities, with a festive decoration don’t have to all look the same. In Poland alone you can both see installations that take your breath away, as well as those making your head spin. We all know how friendly an urban space can be to the inhabitants of a given city. When creating a Christmas decoration, we put special care to make our decorations functional, aesthetic and safe. 

Cities, with a festive decoration don’t have to all look the same. In Poland alone you can both see installations that take your breath away, as well as those making your head spin. We all know how friendly an urban space can be to the inhabitants of a given city. When creating a Christmas decoration, we put special care to make our decorations functional, aesthetic and safe. 

Decorations and architecture should work together 

It is a very big mistake, when designing festive illuminations, to not include a givens space character and feel. A classical building will not look all too well with bright, large and rich Christmas garlands. It is a much better option to bet on a subtle decoration, consisting of delicate points of light in an even hue with fine ornaments. The elements should work together and complement each other. Christmas decorations created by us will always highlight a buildings charm and atmosphere. Illumination projects should be created evenly not just for the intended buildings, but also for specific city locations. Thanks to such precise actions you will receive a harmonious effect throughout your city, which will encourage people to visit. 

Oświetlenie świąteczne w centrum miasta

Decorating a city – how should it look? 

When decorating a city, in the first place you have to ensure that your installation is functional and comfortable for the inhabitants. A large amount of decorations must not be a hindrance for the traffic, the overuse of colours and very rich decorations may distract and irritate drives and pedestrians. When designing decorations, we include a cities vide and character, so that, urban spaces can be friendly for everyone that visits them.  Light plays the biggest role in creating a festive atmosphere, which is why we pay attention to the tiniest details such as : colour, intensity and dispersion of light. Well selected lights can increase comfort and safety. During winter many places empty out simply because of the lack of proper lighting. A simple solution to that problem are aesthetic, light illuminations, which will create a one of a kind festive spirit, as well as making the inhabitants fell safer and at ease. 

Safety first 

Here at ADAL we but safety and comfort on the population first. Decorations created by us are resistant to harsh weather conditions, be it wind, snow or rain they will keep on shining brightly. They are securely installed so that the risk of them breaking or falling off is minimised. We also pay attention the appropriate intensity of lights next to streets, so that they don’t blind drivers and limit the risk of an accident. We illuminate dark and inhospitable areas, so that you can travel safely through a city. 

How to fix a city with festive decorations? 

During winter, night falls extremely fast and the days are short and cold. Winter aura doesn’t encourage to stay outside and explore a city enjoying the fresh air, while tourists starts to slowly die out. But does it have to be that way? There are many, interesting solutions, which will work perfectly in urban locations during winter time. They can even fix architectural mistakes! Large empty plazas are a true nightmare for many Polish cities. People are naturally drawn to building facades, lamppost and benches where it seems to be a little warmer and safer. Large empty spaces can bring forth negative feelings, simply scaring people away. And all you have to do is install a large, bright Christmas tree straight in the middle of such a plaza and not only will the space be warm and inviting, but all of the negative feelings will simply melt away.  A Christmas tree is not only a nice and warm festive decoration, but it can be a place for gathering and tightening our bonds with one another. Antique buildings can also gain a lot through decorations. During dusk they looks charm, and simply not looks as inviting as during summer or spring.  Light illuminations can easily highlight their valours as well as provide them with a fresh look and shine. With that train of thought we created the festive illumination of Belvedere Palace in Warsaw. Dressed in delicate warm light, columns, roof and garlands work together like a charm, thanks to which the buildings looks grandiose, at its characteristics are properly highlighted. During summer, water fountains encourage people to spend time in squares and plazas, which don’t work during winter. Here at ADAL we try to maximise the potential of the existing architecture. In Olawa we create illuminated figures of swans, giving a fresh and cold, breath of life to the fountain. By using the architecture available we are capable of creating decorations that, work as one with a city.

Festive light illuminations as way to promote a city – Bielsko-Biala project 

Christmas decorations will not only mask out the urban imperfections, but can also become attractions, that will draw-in tourists. In Bielsko-Biala we decided to use the assets of the city. The “Studio Rysunkow Filmowych” is based there – it is here that the iconic characters of “Bolek i Lolek” and “Reksio” were made. This giant figure of the animated god is something we are especially proud of. 

Here at ADAL we put originality first 

The figure of “Reksio” perfected to the tiniest detail, has an interactive, movable tail and creates sounds! Our project very quickly gain famed among the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biala, especially youngsters, becoming an instant attraction. The city as a whole was also decorated by us. Elegant garlands were used here, as well as multi-coloured lights, illuminating the main streets, creating a wonderful, festive atmosphere. “Reksio” is only one of many examples where decorations were used as a way to promote a city. In Czestochowa we created a festive illumination of their new logo. Seemingly a simple construction evoked interest in many people, encouraging to take photos and spend time in the surrounding area. All of this made the city brim with life. 

Together, let’s take care of our urban spaces  

We spend a significant amount of time in urban spaces. It might seem unbelievable but these places play a massive role in how we feel every day and help us create new bonds with one another. Which is why it’s so important that during Christmas, these places stay immaculate. As a citizen, you vote maters! 

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