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Iluminacje bożonarodzeniowe

Festive Illuminations – Light up your town!

Festive illuminations have become a very popular Christmas attraction in the majority of Polish cities. Beautiful shimmering lights, that adorn facades of buildings and lamp posts create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. A part of those illuminations are singular, freestanding 3D decorations as well as figures covered in lights, people appreciate these the most. It is a fact that festive illuminations have dominated the Christmas decorations market in Poland.

Festive decorations in your city
Interactive 3D figures and winter decorations
Festive decorations of buildings
ADAL – quality and safety guarantee

Festive illuminations as a way to decorate your town

Festive illuminations are a perfect solution, which will create a perfect Christmas atmosphere in your town or city. When thinking of December, your mind instantly thinks of giant green trees, baubles and festive garlands. Our offer goes beyond your expectations. We prepare a wide range of projects, 3D figures, which will make each and every place unique and wonderful.

Festive illuminations created by our company are steadily gaining popularity with each passing year. Two years ago, in 2017, festive decorations which adorned the city of Olawa near Wroclaw became famous across Poland. Among them was a 5 meter tall figure of Santa, a slightly smaller, 3 meters tall figure of a festive shoe filled with sweets and the tallest of them all, a 9 meter tall Christmas tree accompanied by presents. Festive decorations such as these are an extraordinary Christmas attraction for city inhabitants and tourists visiting our country. They encourage family walks and strolls, which will become treasured memories for a very long time.


Projectors are becoming very popular parts of festive decorations. They are used to complete Christmas illumination arrangements.  Placed a good distance away from the building perpendicular to the wall, on which the animation will be displayed. Large falling snowflakes can be often seen on important buildings, which are one of the effects offered by such projectors.

Ozdoby świąteczne na drzewach

LED light ropes and strings

They are an indispensable element of every Christmas illumination. Light strings are used to create large three-dimensional figures, decorate lanterns, roofs and columns of buildings as well as Christmas trees. It is possible to create extraordinary projects with the use of such lights, which can decorate any place or town.

Light curtains

Curtains are just what they sound like, a light vails made with LED lights. They are mostly used to decorate the sides of buildings during Christmas time. They look wonderfully on glass surfaces, when the light is visible from both sides of the building. A great example of using light curtains will be the project created for the Bukovina Hotel in Bukowina Tatrzanska. Simple, yet effective LED light curtains perfectly highlighted the modern design of this building.

Christmas garlands

Green garlands are an ever present symbol of Christmas, because of this they are often used when creating festive illuminations. With the addition of warm light they complete winter arrangements beautifully.

Christmas time illuminations and 3D figures

Christmas time illuminations in the form of three-dimensional constructions are without a doubt the most effective decorations. It’s a modern form of decoration in polish cities, which leaves a long lasting impression. 3D figures are created on light aluminium structures, thanks to which almost any shape can be achieved. Thanks to holographic mats and Led lights the decorations gain a breath taking look. Christmas time illuminations are also an economical solution and with the help of LED technology use less energy and are cheaper when compared to ordinary lights.

Among the offer by ADAL, you will also find the possibility of creating three-dimensional figures, which can be interactive. Its et another step towards the future. One of the most famous project realised by our company is the Figure of Reksio, which would bark and play sounds from the original cartoon. Chopin’s piano is another great example, with songs playing after the press of the keys.

Three-dimensional figures are an attraction not only for kids, but adults as well. They help us enter a magical world and truly feel the Christmas spirit. Moreover then help distinguish towns from other places in Poland.

Light illuminations and festive decoration of buildings

The festive decoration of buildings has become an inseparable elements of city decorations. They can be seen on many urban facades, sides of buildings as well as shopping malls. They create a warm, festive atmosphere and bring it to the city streets. Preparations for Christmas dinner as well as this magical time will surely become pleasant and less stressful, with a calm, Christmas spirit all around.

Buildings and their construction offer a wide range of possibilities for Christmas decorations. When designing projects, our company always does its best to make sure that the lights used will fit well into the city’s architecture. We often used building elements to create unique arrangements characteristic to the given location. So it was in the case of the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw, where powerful columns as well as the slanting roof were included in the Festive illumination project. The Palace gained a new look, with this elegant yet simple arrangement and proudly represented the capital of Poland during this special time.

When designing light illumination we not only keep the building in mind, but the surrounding area as well. Lanterns or trees, which can be found nearby can also be included in the project. This will create a spectacular and unified effect, ensuring all of the available space is being used.

Guarantee of safety and quality

Festive illuminations by ADAL are a guarantee of high quality. The history of our company goes as far back as 1997, it is in Kozieglowy that this small family business was born. Today we can boast with over 20 years of experience, and products signed with our logo can be seen not just in Poland, but all across the globe. Our company is constantly developing by learning and using the latest technologies available. Thanks to this we offer loads of unique decorations and festive illuminations.

For years we have been using materials of the highest quality, which are extremely safe and functional. Each of our clients gets an individual and complex service, which provides them with exceptional illuminations decorating many places across the globe. Christmas time and the weeks of preparation beforehand is very special to us, which is why we are so very happy to take such a big part in it.

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