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Large Artificial Trees – creating a festive atmosphere

Large artificial trees are a central element of festive decorations. With the Christmas period approaching fast we all start to look for a perfect Christmas tree, which will decorate our surroundings. While procuring a large Christmas tree is not such a big problem for smaller spaces, decorating a large urban space is quite a challenge. The practise to replace natural trees with artificial ones is becoming more common with every season, which look identical to their natural counterparts. Meeting the demands of our clients head on, we are proud to present artificial trees in many sizes, which will work wonderfully in any space required, be it a large open area, town square or even a shopping gallery.

Spis treści
Create a festive atmosphere in your city
An alternative to deforestation
Offer by ADAL

Large artificial trees for cities and shopping allergies. Create a unique festive atmosphere

Large artificial trees are mainly designated as decorations for large spaces such as town squares or shopping galleries. Decorating large urban spaces requires a good idea and an organized logistics crew, so that the decoration does not look shoddy. An ever present element of Christmas time are lush, green trees, which once decorated create a one of a kind atmosphere. However going to the forest to find that perfect tree, with the right shape and height kind of misses the mark. Here at ADAL we produce artificial Christmas trees, which possess the perfect shape and high quality. With us Christmas will be a magical time, and the memories will last a lifetime.

An alternative to deforestation

If we go back a decade, the thought of an artificial tree would send shivers down your spine. Artificial trees have been created to try and reduce the excessive deforestation during Christmas time. However most of the early models would scare rather than amaze. There were also hard to utilize since most of them were made of metal and plastic elements. But with the arrival of new technologies all of those problems disappeared. Currently to create artificial trees we only use durable materials, such as polyethylene, which allow our trees to be enjoyed for many years. It’s also much easier for them to be recycled.

No more falling pine needles

When you choose an artificial Christmas tree, keeping the house tidy is super easy. Compared to natural trees it does not lose any pine needles over time. There probably isn’t a person alive that would want to keep hazing to shape off pine needles when walking around town. Artificial trees not only look natural, but also are completely safe for its surroundings as well as the environment.

Shopping malls and large urban spaces deserve a wonderful Christmas decoration, pleasing pedestrians and shoppers. To fill up big spaces we especially recommend a collection of our larger trees, which can be personalised to your requirements. Such specimen, depending on their location, can reach the heights of even 30 meters.

As producers of artificial trees we want you to be able to enjoy a richly decorated interior. Christmas decorations are a great attraction for city inhabitants, as well as tourist. Present them with something to remember for the years to come.

Ozdoby na choinkę

Offer by ADAL – large artificial trees

We produce artificial Christmas trees in a wide array of sizes, so that you can easily select the perfect model for you. Whether you wish to decorate a town square, or the inside of a shopping gallery, we can adjust tree height based on your needs. Among our offer you will find the Giant Exclusive tree model, which ranges from around 4 meters almost 15 meters high in our standard version with the base diameter being 2 – 7 meters while the Slim models diameter is between 2 to 6 meters while maintaining the same height.

Go eco

Artificial pine or spruce trees are a onetime purchase, which after 3 years will become more ecological than its natural counterpart. How is that you may ask? It’s simple really, natural trees are a onetime use. Each year you will have to buy a fresh one. And it’s precisely because of this that make the artificial tree become more ecological after around three years’ time. Additionally, if you maintain them properly, they will last you much longer than just 3 years. And after? Models with the “PE” symbol can be easily recycled and gain an additional life.

Ecology is a priority for us

A characteristic of a natural tree is its low longevity. Being ecological is not the only merit of an artificial tree, yet remaining the most important one. Practicality and functionality are the synonyms of our company. Once purchased our tree will look exactly the same with each passing year, maintaining its beautiful branches and perfect shape. Moreover, the years of experience allow us to come forward with a truly beneficial price range for the highest quality of materials. Therefore, among all of the benefits of having an artificial tree, it’s worth noting that:

  • indistinguishable from their natural counter parts,
  • easy to store,
  • no need for irrigation,
  • no special temperature requirements.


Years of tradition and high quality

Our main goal is to bring joy through the beautification of urban space. The history of our company began in the year 1997 and since then we always focused on continuous development. That, which sets us apart is the high quality of products, which have all of the necessary certificates issued by European and American laboratories.

Look through our portfolio, familiarize yourself with our projects for both large and small companies and find out what you can count on, when working with us. Modern design and functionality allow us to decorate any type of space. If you have a lot of ground available, think of investing in a large model of our artificial trees. To familiarize yourself with our full offer we encourage you to contact us by phone or mail. We will answer any questions you may have.

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