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Nowoczesne choinki sztuczne

Modern artificial trees – beautiful and strong

Modern Christmas trees resemble in no way the old models made out of PVC. More and more then imitate natural trees in a way, that makes them very rand to distinguish. They can also be very practical, which lets them tower over pines or spruces sold just before Christmas time. Check out what makes them so good.


Ecological or not?
Meaning of true quality
Pros of modern solutions
Attractive looks

Are modern Christmas trees ecological?

During a time, when ecological awareness is on the rise, more and more customers are prone to select gods that won’t have a heavy impact on the planet. One question comes to mind during the preparation period before Christmas – “Should I go real or artificial?”. If staying ecological is a very big factor for you here are a few facts and modern solutions to keep in mind. According to ecologists, the purchase of  natural tree is best, their argument for this is that such trees are grown in places free from forest therefore by cutting them down you don’t damage the ecosystem. Also such tress must be cut down before reaching a certain height after which they will simply be a loss to the manufacturers and the ecosystem. In turn artificial trees are considered harmful to the environment based on the data provided by massive Chinese manufacturers that specialize in cheap products. High emission values of harmful gasses that these large companies produce are therefore harmful to the smaller companies that strive for the minimisation of harmful emissions. For example, the purchase of a single Christmas tree available in the offer by ADAL matches the harmful impact buying a live Christmas tree has on the environment just after 3 years of usage. Additionally our products can be enjoyed for many more years.

Characteristics of modern trees

Artificial Christmas trees of old did not please, starting from the materials used to their final looks. They quickly lost their colour intensity, shape, and after long usage and incorrect storage even their pine needles. Modern Christmas trees are not a product based on wires and PVC foil. Christmas trees by ADAL are created using exclusively polyethylene, which can be fully recycled. What are other characteristics of our modern trees? Firstly their intense green colour and authentic shape – especially in case of our string models. Our trees look indistinguishable from natural trees. We are certain that you would not be able to tell the difference until you touch them. Our products are also adequately thick ( depending on the selected model or type of tree they are imitating) and easy to install and decorate. In the case of our largest models, of the Giant type, we offer our customers storage services, thanks to which even the biggest tree will not pose any problems once the Christmas period is over.

Czerwone ozdoby choinkowe

Pros of modern artificial trees

Among the offer by ADAL you will find both, modern artificial trees for home use, or models dedicated for urban space. The second come in truly astounding sizes. However our offer is broad in terms of tree heights, shapes or overall design. Available in stock are trees imitating the traditional polish spruce, alpine spruce, or even the very characteristic Siberian spruce. What’s even more interesting, an artificial Christmas tree will allow you to introduce your house to snow covered spruce trees – which is a big plus during a snowless winter which can be compared to the smell of an authentic forest tree. What else would make you buy a modern artificial Christmas tree.


A modern artificial tree is safe for the environment as well as everyone, that comes into contact with them, even people with allergies. Firstly, our polyethylene trees can be easily recycled, so once they have served their purpose, they will be recycled and therefore will not negatively impact the environment. Secondly, all of our trees come with appropriate certificates meaning, they are not a fire hazard even if exposed to hot LED lights for very long amounts of time. Thirdly, in contrast to real trees, they are not covered in resin, or other substances that can cause an allergic reaction. It’s also worth noting, that artificial Christmas trees come with a stand, which guarantees stability and reduces the risk of the tree falling over. In turn the montage of our largest models in handled by us personally.


Everyone, that even once had to deal with a natural Christmas tree, realises their biggest flaw. It’s the constant need to clean up pine needles. As long as the tree is not located on the inside of an office or shopping gallery, this problem can be managed even thou it’s still inconvenient. Pine needles easily get stuck in carpets, making them very hard to clean up. When it comes to artificial Christmas trees, this problem is non-existent. Additionally, once Christmas is over they can be easily packed up and stored, they won’t take up a lot of space. When it comes to our biggest models you can store them at one of our storage facilities. We also offer the option to rent a Christmas tree.

Attractive looks

It is expected of modern trees to not only have a nice shape or colour, but also a distinct design or style. It’s precisely because of this that our trees stand tall over natural ones. They can take any shapes or forms, suited to the space available or in line with latest trends. Among the offer by ADAL you will find conical trees in the slim variant – perfect for tiny spaces, as well as extremely stylish trunk based trees, that look just like the ones found in the boreal forests. What makes them stand out? First and foremost their delicate, stylish branches, short needles or the well visible main tree trunk. This tree, just like the snow covered model does not need additional decoration to look spectacular and unique.

The purchase of a modern artificial tree is an economical, ecological and comfortable choice, of which every customer should be made aware. Among the offer by ADAL you will find artificial tree models that are well suited to homes as well as offices, or even urban spaces. We encourage you to take a look at our products and select a tree, which works best for you!

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