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Modern, trunk based Christmas trees

Modern, trunk based Christmas trees are a very popular model, in particular their larger variations, mostly designated for large, public, open spaces. They are in particular, valued for their very natural looks, which delight onlookers. They work wonders for plazas or as a part of a shopping gallery’s decoration. Properly made, thy will be extremely durable and safe. Such artificial trees, of a high quality, can be found in the offer by ADAL.

What are the characteristics of such a tree?
Models of the Giant variation by ADAL
High quality
Optimal choice

What should be the characteristics of a trunk based Christmas tree?

A modern, trunk based Christmas tree should, most of all, look superb. Manufacturers need to pay extra attention to the quality of materials used as well as attention to detail, so that the tree can be as natural as possible and truly amaze onlookers. In the case of large models it is very important for the tree itself, to remain very stable. This in turn has an impact of its safety, as its extremely important for such trees to be adequately secured in terms of fire safety. Items from good manufacturers can be usually recognised by the fact, that they use special systems, which make montage a lot easier.

Spectacular looks

In their beginning days, artificial Christmas trees did not look very well, however as their manufacturing technologies have developed, it became possible to create a high quality product of undeniable beauty. Modern, well made products are hard to distinguish from natural pine trees. A manufacturer that offers a modern line of products which can be held to such high standards. The quality of materials used and the attention to details are incredibly important, and for models such as these, a realistic trunk is necessary. Because of this, such decorations will look truly amazing.


When it comes to very large models especially, the stability of such trees is incredibly important. They can, most commonly, be found in large open spaces, in close proximity to pedestrians, making their stability very important. Trunk based Christmas trees come with a incredibly stable base which can also stand as a guarantee of safety. The appropriate montage of such decoration is also a very important factor. Because of this ADAL offers a comprehensive service for all of its orders – with the biggest trees our company can take care of its assembly.


The safety of such a tee is already influenced by its stability, which is why during montage it is best to ask for professional help. Fire safety is another very important aspect as Christmas trees are exposed to various forms of heat in the shape of Christmas light. Natural trees are a huge problem with this which is not the case for artificial Christmas trees. Modern products from a trusted manufacturer will come with all of the appropriate certificates, concerning fire safety.

Functional systems

When faced with a storm of artificial Christmas trees on the market, clients prefer to purchase Christmas trees that come equipped with special systems developed by their manufacturers. They usually make the montage and disassembly process a lot easier, and at the same time make transport and storage of such trees incredibly simple. In large, trunk based models by ADAL, a Hook in System is used, which ensures lightning quick assembly of branches.

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Modern, trunk based Christmas trees by ADAL

From among the offer by ADAL, incredibly popular are the modern, giant, trunk based Christmas trees. We offer a few versions of such a tree, in a wide array of sizes. They stand out with great attention to detail and quality stemming from over 20 years of experience. Our trees with work incredibly well in large open spaces and as interior or exterior decoration for shopping galleries, which is backed up which is backed up with our realisations in this field.

High quality

Our company has been on the market of artificial Christmas trees for many years, and all of our models are created in accordance with certificates issued by European and American laboratories. They confirm the quality of our products, as well as their safety of use, which is incredibly important. Thanks to this our models do not create, even the faintest fire hazard, even when faced with a large amount of lighting elements, which work thought the entire day, which is the case for most of the festive arrangements produced by ADAL. At the same time we put great importance on aesthetical values, making our pine needles indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, while the trunk is covered with a special, bark imitating material. Thanks to these factors our Christmas trees look very realistic. Our MyTree model is very often selected, with the heights of 4 to 8 meters. In the search of even taller trees we send out clients to the Pine Giant and Pine Giant Extra section of Christmas trees. The first stands out with its branches starting from around the middle point of the tree, allowing for the creation of other festive installation beneath the tree, which is mostly desired in shopping galleries, it also ensures that not too much space it taken away from potential customer of the gallery. Our Pine Giant models can be as tall as almost 16 meters, and these come available in interior and exterior versions.

Perfect for public open spaces

The already mentioned models of giant Christmas trees are, above all, used as decorations of large open spaces during the winter season which can include plaza, squares, shopping centres or large official buildings. Thanks to the offer of products designated for outside use, our trunk based Christmas trees can not only be located inside of shopping galleries, but in front of them as well. Such a tree could have been seen in front of the Sfera shopping gallery in Bielsko-Biala, where a 10 meter Christmas tree decorated the main atrium. It was the central element of the entire decoration, which encompassed lighting elements and smaller trees. A 12 meter tall Pine Giant tree could have also been seen in the Plac Unii complex in Warsaw. The entire gallery was decorated with numerous illuminations, while the Christmas tree was located on the lower levels. Thanks to the branches, which started at around the midpoint of the tree, the shoppers could easily manoeuvre around the tree, and the tree itself was clearly visible from every level of the gallery.

Trunk based Christmas trees have been widely recognised, mostly for their great aesthetical values. A modern artificial Christmas tree is made out of high quality materials, which will ensure both, safety and looks which are truly striking. Such trees, designated for exterior and interior usage, can be found in the offer by ADAL.

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