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Giant Christmas trees

Giant Christmas trees

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Urban space

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Artificial Christmas trees as well as festive decorations, which we have been producing and distributing since the beginning of our activity. In the offer by ADAL, you will only find products made using the highest quality materials. Ornaments designed and produced by us, in a matter of few years, have gained trust of many clients not just in Poland, but – thanks to working with international companies – across the globe as well. Below you can see a shortened list of trees and ornaments that we offer.


Artificial Christmas trees


The offer by ADAL, is based on a wide range of Christmas trees made using the highest quality materials. Among others you will find:

  • Small trees on a stand, with heights not going over 1 meter, such as our Lena or Mini models.
  • Medium sized models, ranging from 1 m to 2.4 meters, such as the bigger Lena, Slim line, Milenium, Carmen, Natural, Verona, Cone, Standard or Silhouette models
  • Medium sized models made using polyethylene, among others Noel Mix PE, Premium Mix PE, Tajga & Tajga II Mix PE, Nevada Mix PE, Silhouette Mix PE and Tundra Mix PE.
  • Tree trunk based modes such as Mini Tundra or Alpine Spruce.
  • Varied in size snow covered trees, among others Mini Flocked, Olivia, Flocked Alpine Trees in a jute bag or the snow covered trunk based Flocked Alpine Spruce.
  • Trees made using the highest quality materials such as Rocky Mix Tree, Royal Mix Tree or Diana.
  • My Tree models available as 4, 6 or 8 meters versions.
  • Giant tree models such as Giant Standard, Giant Exclusive, Giant Exclusive Slim, available from 4 to 24 meters high.


Festive decorations


Besides the large offer of artificial Christmas trees we offer our clients a huge selection of festive decorations. In our catalogue you will among others find festive garlands imitating natural pine branches. Among our flagships you will find such series as:

  • Apollo series Garland Deluxe
  • Apollo series Garland Standard
  • Royalty Garland
  • MCLine series Royalty Garland
  • MCLine series Fason Garland
  • MCLine series Standard Twirl
  • MCLine series Deluxe Twirl
  • Spruce Garland
  • Mix Garland PE&Fiber

We also offer variations in diameter and length of garlands, dependant on the chosen model. In our offer you will find garlands with a diameter from only 17 cm to as grand as 60 cm thick, as well as lengths ranging from 80 cm to over a few meters long. We also offer mounting tubes with various types of connectors. To connect the tubes, on which garlands will be placed, you may use straight or corner connectors, as well as ones that allow the tubes to be positioned at any angle. Moreover than that we provide a wide range of decorative elements, made out of synthetic pine needles, such as wreaths and decorative spheres. These products are also available in many sizes. The details can be found in our catalogue.