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Christmas tree offer

Artificial cone shaped giant standard Christmas trees

Artificial cone shaped giant standard Christmas trees are one of the flagship products offered by ADAL. Their construction is based on an aluminium skeleton, which holds in place the highest quality of artificial pine needles that cover it. Depending on our clients’ needs, this model can be a main decorative element of an atrium or such a large room, as well as a stylish outside decoration, placed in the middle of a towns square.

Giant Exclusive

Artificial Giant Exclusive Christmas trees is a solutions for our clients that are looking for something grand in size, very thick and realistic, almost like a live pine tree. Similar to the Giant Standard this model is also based on a cone shaped structure to which small pine branches are attached. Here they don’t look almost like a carpet as is the case of the Giant Standard. They poke out in different directions creating the best possible natural look of a real tree.

Giant Exclusive – Slim

Fine artificial Giant Exclusive Slim Christmas Tree, which you can find in the ADAL catalogue, is a perfect solution for clients looking for a big tree with the thinnest base possible. This version brings together the elegance of the Giant Exclusive tree with a fine and think base diameter while maintaining its natural look. Thanks to the slight branching the of the artificial pine needle branches we can create a real looking Christmas tree.

Giant Artificial trunk based My Tree Christmas tree

An artificial trunk based My Tree is the only model we offer of a gigantic tree, that is not based on a cone shaped construction. In this case thick natural looking branches are directly attached to the tree trunk, which additionally is covered with a layer or bark imitating mat. Thanks to that this model is the most realistic tree that you can find in our catalogue, which makes it very popular.

Sztuczna choinka gigant na pniu Pine Giant Tree

Pine Giant Tree that closely resembles a natural pine tree is a gigantic artificial tree with branches starting from around the middle point of the trunk, it is not based on a cone shaped structure. In this case, thick, natural looking artificial branches are attached directly to the trunk which is covered in a bark imitating material. The tree brings together a grand tree size and a highest natural look achievable. What makes this tree truly special is the fact that it doesn’t not use a cone shaped structure at its core and it goes way over the 2.4 meter mark trunk based trees usually stick to. This tree is available in 3 different sizes and can achieve a height of even 15.8 meters.

Sztuczna choinka gigant na pniu Pine Giant Extra

This artificial Pine Giant Extra Tree is a giant model with a full range of branches, which is not based on a cone structure. Her branches not only look natural and realistic but are also very thick, directly attached to the tree trunk which is covered in a bark imitating material, it truly is a wonderful tree. The tree is both grand in size and really looks like a natural live pine tree. The most popular models of trunk based trees only reach the height of around 2.4 meters, this tree which you can find in our catalogue can reach such great heights as 15.8 meters. Just as the Pine Giant Tree, this model is also available in three different sizes.

Giant Standard – classical artificial cone shaped trees


In accordance with the information provided, our giant standard tree comes in the height of 3.7 meters to 24 meters. In the case of individual projects we can creates trees even higher than that, with its top going over the 30 meter mark. It is important to remember the base diameter of the tree will depend on its height. Trees only 4 meters tall will have a circumference of around 1.45 meters at its base while a 24 meter tall tree with a base diameter of around 9.3 meters.


When and where will this model work best?


Because of the large sizes of the Giant standard model, it is suggested that this tree is best utilised in an open space. They can work wonders as a main entrance decoration or the most important buildings in a given city, and if placed in central locations it will attract crowds of locals and tourists alike. Thanks to their high resistance to harmful weather factors this model will stand tall during the worst of conditions, be it snow, rain or frost. It will maintain its great looks while being a totally safe decorative element.


The availability of sizes not going over a few meters allows them to be used in festive decorations for spacious buildings such as shopping malls, sport centres or placed in antique buildings important government institutes. Thanks to the wide range of colour available for our baubles and decorations we can arrange for the tree to be a perfect match for its surrounding. We can bet here on a perfect collage of hues, which will dominate a space or a complete contrast with the tree, which during the Christmas time will draw the most attention. It all depends on our client.


Our references


If you are interested in artificial trees in the Giant Standard category, then we encourage you to have a look at some of our realisations using this exact model. In the past years that was the tree we have picked to decorate the City Hall in Olsztyn. Giant Standard models could also be seen in front of the Cracow Gallery, main square in Gliwice as well as internationally.


Giant Standard mixed with rich ornaments in the form of baubles, Christmas chains, holographic mats and LED ropes and strings is one of the most classical, and popular types of trees available in our offer. Photos of our realisations can be found in our catalogues, right next to their technical specifications of each available size.


Available Sizes Gigant Exclusive


What’s the most important to our clients is simply size. When it comes to the Giant Exclusive model they come in sizes varying from 4.6 meters to 15.1 meters high. The base diameter will also depend on the height of the tree. In the case of trees not going over the height of 5 meter the base diameter will be around 2.19 m, in case of our highest trees, the base diameter will be around 7.29 meters..


Our Reference


If you are interested in the giant Exclusive model of our trees, we encourage you to have a look at some of our realised projects with said tree. In our catalogue you will find photos of projects which decorated the Cracow Gallery in the past year. Here we used a 10 meter tall tree decorated with warm LED lights and ornaments in a gold hue. Same tree with cold light and silver/gold baubles was the main element of a decoration created for Poznan Gallery. Another attention worthy project was realised for Silesia City Center, in which we used a 10 m tree decorated in gold rings, shimmering diodes and 2D stars of light in the season of 2014.


In what arrangements will this model work?


Giant Exclusive models are a great and trusted central element in a Christmas decoration dedicated for grand buildings with big interior spaces such as shopping malls across Poland. To arrange them in such as so that they fit a certain building or space will not be a problem. If it is required by clients, we are capable of offering a high quality range of ornaments including baubles, Christmas chains in an array of colours, as well as the creation of a project showing the final look of a tree based on your guidelines. We also guarantee help with assembly/disassembly of all our products needed to finalise your project.


Our offer of Christmas trees as well as decorative ornaments are composed almost entirely of items that can be used in both, interiors and exteriors. Which means that our trees are also commonly used as main decorations of main squares and parks as well as entrance decorations to shopping malls or government buildings visited by thousands of people every day. They draw attention not only with their modern design, unique patters or the ability to create any pattern desired but also their natural look. Grand, slightly branches Giant Exclusive Trees position for example on some grass are a perfect way to create and illusion of a natural live tree. Additionally the client can pick out their desired colour.


Where can you find an artificial Giant Exclusive Slim Christmas tree?


An example of the use of the Slim version would be a tree dedicated for the Silesia City Center, dressing in cold lights with a shimmering diode, red Christmas chains and red baubles of many types. The tree was located in the centre of towns square, becoming the biggest Christmas attraction in the city.


Comprehensive service for each order


As is the case with our other models, which you can find in our catalogue, as well as the Slim version we offer a comprehensive service package. We will take care of everything – from the design of the tree based on your guidelines, through transport of the necessary parts to the assembly of the tree in the selected location and finishing with the disassembly of the entire decoration once the Christmas season is over. We also provide the choice of renting our decorations. In that case you will not have to worry about storage as we will take care of that in appropriate conditions, so that next year it can find its way to your designated location.


Available sizes


As per information provided, which you can find in our catalogue, the Giant Exclusive and Giant Exclusive Slim trees are available in the same sizes in terms of height. The Slim tree offers the choice of heights from 4.6 m to 15.1 meters high. The only noticeable difference is the base diameter of the chosen model. In the case of trees not going over the 5 meter mark, the base diameter will be smaller by 17 cm than Giant Exclusive tree and will come to around 2.02 m, while the tallest tree ( 15 meter high) will have a lower diameter of 6.07 meter which is 1.22 m smaller than the Giant Exclusive tree.


The difference between the Giant Exclusive and Giant Exclusive Slim models can also be noticed in the count of branches. But regardless of the amount, the tree will remain a model with a natural finish.


In what arrangements will this model work?


Same as the Giant Exclusive, the Slim Version will work in almost any arrangement. Thanks to the use of high quality materials resistant to harmful weather conditions such as dampness, cold, rain and snow you can use this slim artificial tree in a public space decoration. As it doesn’t take up much space, when decorating a place with limited space – for example a small square in front of range of public buildings. They can also be a part of a bigger decoration package, of which exclusive interactive 3D figures are a part of or other Christmas decorations.


It is also possible to use Giant Exclusive Slim trees as a part of interior decorations. Thanks to their smaller base size they can be located, where a tall Christmas tree will fit in perfectly but because of limited space a standard version is simply impossible. Because of that the Giant Exclusive Slim Version is also used in shopping malls, sport centres, train stations as well as schools and universities or even, spacious, antique buildings housing all type of public administration.


Artificial trunk based trees? My Tree available sizes!


My Tree model connects the highest degree or realism available with ginormous sizes. Compared to the most common models of trees where the branches are attached to the tree trunk, not a cone shaped structure, My Tree exceeds the 2.4 meter mark by far. This model is available in three different sizes, 4m, 6m and 8 meters. Depending on the size chosen, the lower diameter will be 2.74 m, 3.7 m and 4 m respectively. That ration of height to width combined with branches attached to the trunk covered with a realistic imitation of tree bark, allows us to create a tree which can easily be mistaken for the real deal.


In what arrangements will this model work?


Similarly to other models offered by ADAL, My Tree is also perfect for indoor arrangements as well as outside decorations of public spaces. That is possible thanks to the use of high quality materials, which can handle the harshest of weather conditions present in the winter season. Our Giant My Tree is not afraid of cold or rain, which makes it a perfect decoration or town squares, parks or building entrances and other public buildings.


My Tree model can also be used successfully in interior spaces. You could for example decorate spacious shopping malls, sport centres or buildings housing public administration offices. My Tree will also work perfectly as a decoration for schools, universities or offices, which have a space large enough to house this majestic tree. Thanks to the thick placement of branches this tree doesn’t need a large amount of ornaments – all you need are a few simple decorations, to create an elegant tree that will illuminate any and all interiors.


Our References


Examples of realised projects with the use of this giant trunk based tree can be found in our catalogue among other places. There you can find photos of My Tree Christmas tree created for Hala Koszyki in Warsaw. In this instance we decided to rely on warm light strips as well as iridescent, metallic and glitter baubles, which gave the tree a wonderful look matching the inside of the mall. A similar style of this tree could have been seen in Auchan located in Lomianki Gallery. While in Zurich, you could admire a slightly richer version of My Tree, which decorated one of the central spots of the city’s airport. Here the tree was highlighted with cold lights and metallic and cold blue decorations.


Discover the sizes Pine Giant and Giant Extra come in!


The pine tree model brings together a tree that’s grand in size and one that looks as natural as it is possible. Two substantial differences between the available models is the amount and placement of branches. Pine Giant Tree has its branches starting from around the middle of the tree giving off a tall tree effect climbing as high as it can. Pine Giant Extra has its branches start closer to the base making it a much fuller, solid and natural looking tree. This model is available even as a 15.8 meter tall tree. The base on which the tree stands comes in different sizes depending on the height of the tree, type and its destination (inside, outside).


In what arrangements will this model work best?


Same as with the other artificial trees offered by ADAL, the Pine Giant Tree and Giant Extra will work wonders in a Christmas arrangement be it the interior or exterior of a building, or even in an open public space. This is possible thanks to the use of only the highest quality materials that are capable to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, especially during the winter season.