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Urban space

Illuminated decorations in public spaces have become somewhat a Christmas staple in the recent years, not only in the biggest Polish cities. You can find some truly unique decorations shaped after winter stars, snowflake, baubles or other more magical shapes. Products dedicated to illuminate public spaces can be found by you in our offer. Meeting head-on our client’s needs, we guarantee access to the highest quality of products, which will enable your  streets and town squares to have an unparalleled character and the most festive atmosphere. Our services are not limited to only  decorations strictly tied to Christmas. We are also capable of producing dedicated decorations for other occasions. For example you can find an illuminated heart for valentine’s day which decorated the town square of Kozieglowy in February 2017.

What are the characteristics of decorations used in illuminating public spaces?

In our catalogue of light illuminations you can find everything needed to create a functioning, head turning Christmas decoration. The offer by ADAL includes LED ropes from 10 to even 20 meters long with diodes emitting a full range of colours. We also do string lights in vivid colours such as violet, red, orange, green, blue as well as products emitting warm and cold white light. As well as that you can find dual coloured, shimmering lights and icicle imitating ones, perfect for decorating the edges of roofs and other parts of buildings or curtains ideal for tall interiors. To see the effect, which you can obtain with the use of a curtain you should check out our decorations created for CH Gallery Cracow, in which we lit up hundreds of lights, hanging from the ceiling or decorative rings with a Giant Exclusive Christmas tree kept in the same hue.


3D Figures


Amongst our portfolio you will also be able to find modern 3D figures. Base on light aluminium constructions in many shapes and forms they gain an unparalleled look thanks to the use of high quality holographic mats joined with LED lights in the form of strips, strings and ropes in an array of colours. Based on the information provided by you we can create a figure in any shape and size. An example of that would be the 5 meter tall figure of Santa Claus, 3 meter tall shoe with candy and gifts or a 2 meter tall swan positioned in a fountain on the surface of water. We also created an interactive figure of Reksio, which comes with an original bark and soundtrack as well as a wagging tail. Lastly we created an interactive piano in honour of Frederic Chopin, the keys light up after a slight touch and one of Chopin’s compositions start to play.


Facade illuminations


Our company also takes care of the preparation and realisation of decorations suited for buildings facades. We always pick the source of light in such a way so that it brings out the architecture of a building, highlighting its shape and giving it a festive look. You will find a project of 2 red bows among our realisations, that illuminated the City Hall of Olawa in 2017, as well as the white and red illumination of Belvedere Palace, which not only highlighted its looks but signified its historical importance.