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Prices of Artificial Christmas Trees

The prices of artificial Christmas trees can be truly diverse, which in most cases is highly dependant on their production quality. Size of a Christmas tree pays a huge role when comparing data from different manufacturers. Their style is also a big factor, which dictates the amount of time and materials necessary for the production of said tree. We encourage you to look through the offer by ADAL, which provides high quality Christmas trees.

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What influences the prices of Christmas trees?

The prices of artificial Christmas trees, same as their natural counterparts, are highly dependent from the type of tree and its size. Their style on the other had can be very different from one another. Their prices rise adequately with their beauty, which is based on such detail as amount of branches. The specification of artificial Christmas trees is very loose, meaning you will be able to find trees that don’t look like each other, in terms of quality. Cheaper trees will not look great, and will be made out of materials harmful to the environment. Products offered by the best manufacturers, such as ADAL, are detailed and ecological.


One of the most basic aspects that determine the price is the tree’s type, and its size. The base being its height. We can speak of truly massive sizes, as such trees can be over a dozen meters tall or as small as a few centimetres in the case of compact models.


Besides their size, a key factor is the trees type itself, meaning the actual tree it is trying to imitate with its styling. More often than not it is exactly these matters that increate the price, similar to natural Christmas trees. The advantages of artificial tree manufacturers is the fact that they have control over the quality of their products. This ensures that each tree is perfect and not asymmetrical, lacking and simply not very nice. Manufacturers can decide on their looks, ensuring that, each particular model has perfect looking branches just like the natural trees. The cheapest will therefore be the most basic, and the price rises with more detailed trees.

Quality and materials used

When examining the factors that influence final prices of artificial Christmas trees, their quality must not be forgotten. Materials used, also have a big impact here. Manufactures that produce cheaper models tend not to put a high emphasis on detail. Most of such trees are a simple combinations of wire and PVC foil, which leaves much to be desired and simply looks nothing like a natural Christmas tree. In the case of best manufacturers, such as ADAL, quality is on a much higher level, just as the materials used. Modern artificial Christmas trees are mostly made out of polyethylene, which creates a very good representation of the natural pine needles, and additionally, can be fully recycled. Thanks to this, modern artificial Christmas trees have an appropriate look, and are a responsible choice in the context of ecology.

Choinka świąteczna i prezenty

Artificial Christmas trees by ADAL in attractive prices

ADAL is a company with its headquarters located in Kozieglowy, which offers high quality Christmas trees in affordable prices. We have been on the Christmas tree market for over 20 years, and our products are well known not only in Poland, but internationally as well. They have been appreciated for their high standards, which allows them to look perfect and will last for many seasons. Such models are therefore highly lucrative in terms of finances. They do cost more as a onetime purchase when compared to natural live Christmas trees, but the investment will make a return in no more than a few years. Within our offer you will find a wide range of Christmas tree, in many styles and sizes. We offer not only models designated for your homes of offices, but also huge trees, which can become an unforgettable open space decoration.

Why are such trees more feasible in terms of finances than their natural counterparts?

Prices of quality artificial Christmas trees are higher than those of natural trees, but it is vital to remember that, this is a onetime cost, which is then stretched over a few years of usage. Otherwise you would have to purchase a live tree each year, which makes the final costs to be much higher than with an artificial product. Therefore it is clearly visible that this is a responsible choice in terms of ecology and economy.


Our company has been on the market for over 20 years, which is a guarantee of experience and the fact, that over many years we have been able to perfect out products in the smallest detail. We owe our strong position on the market to the great care, passion and devotion we put into our products. At this point in time Christmas trees by ADAL are known not only in Europe but on other continents as well. We use materials of the highest quality, which in turn represents the standard of the trees themselves. At the same time we guarantee punctuality and a professional logistical service.

Our offer

Within our offer you will find many trees, optimised for personal use in homes, offices and places of work. Our smallest trees can start from as little as a few centimetres – they are great as a table decoration. But we also offer artificial Christmas trees of a medium height, up to a few meters. This will be an optimal choice of your living room or conference hall.

At the same time we offer a wide range of styles for each particular model. This will be the branch placement, amount of style itself. We encourage you to look through our catalogue available at our website. We also produce less typical decorations, including flocked and alpine styled Christmas trees.

A unique category are the Giant Christmas trees, dedicated for interior and exterior use. They come as Giant Standard, Giant Exclusive, My Tree, Pine Giant and Pine Giant Extra models. Particular variations will also be perfect for open urban spaces , which is proven by the festive illuminations that used Christmas trees by ADAL. Our trees could been seen at the Galeria Mlociny for example, where a massive, dozen meters tall Christmas tree, stood accompanied by smaller models, found both, outside and inside of the shopping gallery. Our products also decorated Wroclavia gallery. One of our Giant models stood in front of the main entrance, while smaller trees decorated the interior, and even the ceiling.

In the context of artificial Christmas trees, price can be influenced by a number of factors. It mainly concerns their height and style – the most expensive will be large, with lots of delicate branches looking just like their natural counterparts. Their quality and materials used also play a large role. WE encourage you to look through the offer by ADAL, where you can find a perfect tree for you.

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