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Warszawa - Ogrody Ulricha

Christmas decorations for the Ulrich’s Gardens in Warsaw

In Realizations / Urban space

Christmas decorations for the city of Bielsko-Biala

In Realizations / Urban space

Christmas decorations for the city of Bytom

In Realizations / Urban space

3D elements – Vehicles

In Light decorations / Realizations

3D elements – Robots

In Light decorations / Realizations / Urban space
Origami 3D

3D origami elements

In Light decorations / Realizations / Urban space

Projects realised by our company involving festive decorations for cities and shopping malls are a perfect example, of what you can expect by deciding to work with the ADAL brand. Giant motifs, which use elements made from artificial pine needles perfectly matched with light illuminations are a stable of urban spaces, not only during Christmas time. So if you wish to perfectly highlight qualities of a given space, as well as attracting citizens and tourists with the use of wonderful installations, then we encourage you to look at our offer. Below, you can see a short description of some of our most interesting works, created in the past years. 


Festive figure of “Reksio” For Bielsko-Biala City Council


“Reksio” is a main character of an animated series with the same name produced by Studio Filmow Rysukowych in Bielsko-Biala took centre stage as the decoration of the city in 2017. To create this iconic figure, not only for the citizens of Bielsko-Biala, an aluminium structure was necessary, on which holographic mat was placed along with LED ropes and strings. The overall effect would not have been as spectacular if it wasn’t for the use of modern interactive elements. Reksio not only decorated the city of Bielsko-Biala with its detailed looks. A wagging tail as well as barking sounds and the show’s theme song complemented the decoration making it truly unique. 


Chopin’s piano in Sochaczew 

Also completed in 2017, festive light illumination of a Chopin’s piano decorated the urban space in Sochaczew. The birth place of the famous Polish pianist is located in the vicinity of the county, which was the small town of Zelazowa Wola. Here, we not only focused on perfectly matching the shape of the piano but the on attention to details as well. By using graphical printouts on PCV, we highlighted the image of this pianos keys and added a small music sheet with one of the artists songs. As was with Reksio, we bet on an aluminium structure as well covered with holographic mat as well as LED ropes and strings. Interactive elements were also present here in the form of a compilation of Chopin’s works, which start playing once you touch the keys of the piano. This installation not only engages the sight but the sense of hearing and touch as well. 


Heart-shaped gate in the county of Kozieglowy 


This project is proof that, festive light illuminations don’t have to be used only for Christmas. They are a great decoration for events and other festivities as well. Created in the February of 2018, this heart shaped gate, which stood in Kozieglowy, was made to celebrate the more eagerly celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day.
In the case of this decoration we choose to create a three-dimensional installation, in the form of a portal. Two out of three planes that made up this giant heart had lights emitting a cold white light, while the third and biggest one, between the two, was made from a transparent red material with a red LED rope highlight. Same as with typical festive themed decorations, this valentine’s day figure gained fame among citizens visiting the town of Kozeglowy in the beginning of 2018. This made it clear to us that focusing on only Christmas illuminations is something we should not limit ourselves with.