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Illumination Park in Inwałd

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Urban Space Festive Decorations

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Light illuminations of urban spaces can be seen not only on main streets and squares, highlighting their form and beauty. To meet the expectations of our clients, we as a company have started to offer products of the highest quality. This allows us to created one of a kind decorations. Their job is to not only make a building more festive, but also to highlight their distinctive architectural elements. Furthermore building illuminations are more often than not accompanied by other decorations that we provide to our clients. This allows us to create a one of a kind decorative installation, that incorporates  different elements created with the highest care and attention to detail. In our catalogue you can find a wide range of products from holographic mats to LED strips.


Unique Design


Products – even of the highest quality – are not everything. To create a perfect decoration of a building’s façade, a unique design is required, which will not only fit the surrounding but also bring out the best features of a building. Lights have to be perfectly fitted to its architecture as well as function. An antique Town Hall will require a different design than a modern hotel. You will be able to find such examples of our work in our rich portfolio. Below are a few of the more interesting projects designed by us.


Belvedere Palace in Warsaw


Executed in 2016, the illumination project of the belvedere palace drew the attention of the inhabitants and tourists visiting Warsaw during Christmas. It was our job to highlight this classical construction but illuminating columns and roof, as well as adding arching garlands that add a royal feel of the palace. Additionally Belvedere, which was a home to marshal Józef Piłsudski during 1918-1922, and afterwards functioning as a house to polish presidents, was illuminated with projectors, which made the building white and red during night time.
We decided to connect a traditional Christmas decoration with a very patriotic theme, highlighting the historical importance of the palace.


Bukowina Hotel


Festive illumination, that covered the Bukovina hotel during December 2016, was a versatile project of both interior and exterior of the building. The outside elevation has been highlighted with warm LED lights as well as garlands In such a way as to emphasize the modern design of the hotel. To create a festive aura for the guests of the hotel, we decided to use warm light for the interior as well. Artificial Christmas trees could also be found as well as garlands, wreaths and chandeliers made of light.


Olawa Town Hall


In the case of decoration created for the town of Olawa, which we produced in 2017, the illumination of the Town Hall was a true cherry on top of a cake. Designed by us bows of light kept in a bright red hue, were a part of a bigger design. In front of the festive building you could also see fabulous, 3D figures of swans resting a pool was blue holographic mat. Moreover yo could find a figure of Santa nearby, as well as fit boot filled with candy and gifts and a ginormous 10meter Christmas tree surrounded by gifts.