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Sztuczna choinka na pniu

Trunk based trees – beautiful and durable

Trunk based trees are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. They are a nonstandard proposition, which will work well in an urban setting, creating a wonderful festive atmosphere. Our company has many years of experience when it comes to creating Christmas trees, that compose well with their surroundings. A wide range of products offered by ADAL creates enormous possibilities for matching a tree to the personalised expectations of our clients. See for yourself what we can create together. 

Spis treści
Everlasting green trees
Price –what makes it up?
For those that prize ecology
Practical aspects

Get to know the merits and prices of artificial Christmas trees produced in Kozieglowy  

We are one of the leaders in Christmas tree production not only in Kozieglowy, were our big adventure started, but across Poland as well. Another part of our company is the comprehensive creation of festive decorations for urban spaces –for Christmas, as well as other occasional events. WE take great care, when designing our decorations, so that they can compose well with their surroundings. 

Why a Christmas tree? 

We know perfectly well that it is precisely a Christmas tree, that creates the long awaited mood, being a staple of Christmas time. Which is why we are not only a producer or Christmas trees, we take care of the decorating and montage as per our clients instructions. Our projects are not only a perfect match in urban settings, plazas and town squares, as well as other public locations, for example shopping malls or hotels. 

Price – what makes it up? 

Buying a Christmas tree destined to decorate a large open space does not have to be associated with a high price. In this matter our company takes no shortcuts. Which is why we can offer you the highest quality of products with the lowest price possible. If you need to know the final price of your product, here are some things to consider: 

  • Size
  • Type of materials used
  • Additional decoration 
  • LED lights 

Wnętrze pokoju ze świątecznymi ozdobami

Artificial tree on a tree trunk is an investment for those that value ecology

People that decide to decorate their urban space with a trunk based artificial tree, appreciate the fact that it’s an investment for many years to come. If you ca still remember these types of trees from a dozen years ago and are worried that they will not look so good, with us you can quickly forget about it. In the offer by ADAL, you will find trees that, at first glance you will not be able to distinguish from the ones growing in the forest nearby. You will also find out that they will be wonderful Christmas decorations, that in no way, shape or form take away from the magical atmosphere of Christmas. In the recent years, it could be observed, that town squares, or even enclosed public spaces, have been transitioning from using natural live Christmas trees in favour of artificial ones – which as it turns out – are more economical as well as – what’s even more important – ecological. This trend is the exact direction our company is heading in. 

For those that prize ecology

Protecting the environment is very vital to us here at ADLA, thanks to our decisions we can be sure, that we positively impact the natural recourses that surround us. In no way, shape or form do we want to influence the destruction of our planet with our work. Previously it was believed, that farming Christmas trees was more ecological and environment friendly than producing artificial trees. However, data on which this assumption was made only referred to ancient methods only used in Chinese factories. Trees with the PE sign (made using polyethylene) can easily recycled. Live trees are very brittle in comparison, each year you will need a fresh one. By choosing one of our models, you take part in pro-ecological actions. Only after 3 years from purchase, you turn around the negative effects of producing the tree for your benefit and the planets, compared to people that choose to purchase natural trees each year. How can this be you ask?

The production of an artificial tree produces around 2 to 3 times more Co2 than the process or farming a natural pine tree. So as you can see, after 3 years’ time the artificial tree most definitely wins the ecological race. What’s even more important, it will last you well over 3 years. Additionally we use polyethylene in our production process which can be easily recycled, and gain a second life.

Practical aspects 

By selecting a high quality, artificial tree, you not only make a practical decision, you also support the environment. It is a future proof investment, taking off the pressure of the yearly hunt for a live Christmas tree, which not only gives you valuable time to spend with your family, but also ease of mind. By using this type of solution in a longer perspective, is also more economical and efficient. That’s to that you will be able to enjoy the same, beautiful Christmas tree, that will maintain its looks for many years to come. It’s also good to remember the fact that, all our models, which we have in our offer, come certified by laboratories in USA and Europe. This shows that we use materials of high quality that are fully safe. Modern artificial Christmas trees come with a big list of pros:

  • Practically indistinguishable from natural trees
  • Very easy to store 
  • Low maintenance needs 
  • No special storage requirements 

After a few years, if you decided, that the time for change has come, you can always recycle your current Christmas tree. 

To sum up, if you value practical as well as ecological solutions, familiarize yourself with our offer. The pre-Christmas season is fast approaching, and although we still feel like its summer and the first snow is still far away, these short few months will truly fly by. Don’t delay the inevitable and look through our offer of festive decorations and Christmas trees now to save yourself the trouble later. Remember that each model can be adjusted to Your needs, our Christmas trees are so realistic, you will feel like in a middle of a forest. We also provide a comprehensive service, which entails realising a project fully personalised, to match the characteristics of the intended space, in which you wish to create a wonderful festive atmosphere. We invite you to contact us. We are eager to answer any questions you may have and dispel any doubts.

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