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Producent choinek na pniu

Trunk based Christmas tree manufacturer

A manufacturer that specialises in artificial trunk based Christmas trees, creates products, that imitate as closely as possible, the look of a natural pine or spruce tree. Their unique presentation allows them to rise in terms of popularity. They would, most commonly be used, when decorating public spaces and buildings. Smaller models can in turn be a fabulous addition for homes and office buildings. All of them can be found in the offer by ADAL.

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Trunk based trees by ADAL
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Solid and natural trees

The popularity of said trees has been on the rise, both with private and commercial customers. This is closely tied to their very effective look. A well visible trunk creates, from a certain distance, the illusion that this in fact is a natural pine or spruce tree. Models such as these will attract a lot of attention and pique the interest of even the most sceptical clients. Which is why they work so well in public spaces that see a lot of human traffic each day. In many of our models the branches are situated slightly higher, just so the trunk itself can be visible. Ig bought from a solid manufacturers, these trees will be of high quality, and look simply stunning.

Exterior and interior uses

Tree such as these will surely look amazing when used inside of shopping malls or office buildings with the available space. However it is important to notice their external uses as well. When considering the purchase of such a tree, you should only consider a well trusted manufacturer. ADAL is considered to be one of the best, producing high quality Christmas trees for over 20 years. They create solid, durable constructions which are made out of materials, resistant to severe weather conditions. This is very important simply because it can get awfully cold during winter. Temperatures can go below zero, we must also keep in mind rain, snow and sever winds. Carefully prepared Christmas trees will be able to handle said conditions with ease. This makes them an interesting decoration to be placed in front of a building, not only on the inside.

Pies na tle choinki

Perfect as urban space decorations

Trunk based models are surely a perfect choice when it comes to decorating urban spaces. Therefore its important to select models, which will look natural but come in truly astounding sizes. Models that have their branches start a little higher than normal, making it possible to create an additional Christmas decoration directly underneath the tree. With their construction and visuals, they will attract the attention of many pedestrians , which sounds like a perfect solution for urban space decoration.

Trunk based trees by ADAL

We are a Christmas tree manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the field. This in turn guarantees that our products are rich in detail and of high quality. Thanks to the careful selection of materials and attention to detail, our products are always very effective and durable. Among our offer we have smaller models, which can be used as decoration for shops, homes and offices. Larger My Tree models will in turn work wonderfully in large buildings such a shopping galleries.

Attention to detail and experience

The history of our company began in 1997, meaning we have been active on the market for over 20 years. This in turn means many successful projects in and outside of the country. What’s most important, such a vast amount of experience results in great knowledge on the subject of artificial trees. Thanks to that our trees are of highest quality or perfectly imitate natural Christmas trees. We offer a comprehensive service, which includes transport and montage of ordered decorations. Thanks to this the installation process will run smoothly and once the Christmas period is over, our team of professionals will handle the disassembly process as well.

Large and small trunk based Christmas trees straight from the manufacturer

When thinking about artificial trunk based Christmas trees for your home or office space, you would expect a smaller or standard variations to be available. Within the offer by ADAL you cam find trees such as the Europa MIX PE, which comes with a wooden stand and a wonderfully presented trunk. They come in sizes ranging from 150 cm to 270 cm, so that you can match them to any given space. A less obvious, but just as effective choice would be the Alpine Spruce tree line, which also comes in a snow-covered style. Within our offer you can find said trees starting from as little as 60 cm, to the biggest at 210 cm. They can treated as an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree or simply additional decoration.

My Tree Christmas trees

For individuals, that are in the market for a large trunk based tree , we recommend My Tree. This variant is available in 3 sizes: 4 m, 6 m and 8 m. Additionally the trunk is covered in a bark imitating material, making the tree even more realistic. The branches are placed along the entire tree trunk, and their assembly and disassembly is very easy. This is thanks to our in house developed Hook in System technology.

Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra

If you are looking for a truly grand trunk based tree, we highly recommend the Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra that can be found in our catalogue. The differ in the amount and placement of branches. First of the two has its branches starting at around the mid-point of the tree, which makes it seem even taller. While the Pine Giant Extra variant has its branches starting much lower, making it grander and natural. Both models present extremely well, while the trunk is covered in a bark imitating material. It is important to note, that both of our Pine Giant models are available in two versions. They will look wonderfully on the inside of a building as well as on the outside, thanks to the use of special materials that are very resistant to weather conditions. This means that they are a perfect match for shopping malls as well as urban spaces. Trees of this type come in many sizes, starting from 5 meters, and reaching even 16 meters high.

Trunk based trees have been becoming very popular over the years. It is all thanks to their natural look and beautiful visuals. Smaller models can be used as a decoration for homes or offices, while the larger variants will work best in shopping malls and urban spaces. If you are looking for a manufacturer of such trees, be sure to check out our offer. We have many years of experience, produce our products out of quality materials and maintain a high attention to detail. Check out our catalogue and find the perfect tree for you!

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