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Trunk based Christmas trees in Kozieglowy.

Kozieglowy is a city famous for, among other, trunk based Christmas trees. Based in the Myszkow county, it is where Christmas trees are manufactured that will one day decorate your homes, plazas or shopping malls. The tradition to create Christmas trees in this city is very long. One of such companies is ADAL – The company manufacturing a wide range of trees with unique decorations since 1997. Check what we have to offer.

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Polish and international market
Exceptional quality
Offer by ADAL
Trunk based tree decorations

Trunk based Christmas tree in Kozieglowy on the polish and international market.

Trunk based trees, which Kozieglowy are famous for, are one of the most commonly bought type of Christmas trees. They are ordered by polish companies and towns as well as cities all over the world. There are a few reasons for the global domination of trees from Kozieglowy. One of them is years of experience. The town is mostly associated with Christmas trees since they have been manufactured there for many years. Tradition mixed with modern solutions in the perfect recipe for success. The town called the Christmas tree basin, is well known all over the world. Experience means quality, progress as well as precision.

Exceptional quality

Trunk based trees are the pride and joy of the city of Kozieglowy. Year after year this town is becoming more well know and viewed as the best place to purchase Christmas trees. This fame is not only projected over to our neighbouring countries but across the seas to such remote places as USA, Australia or Asia as well. Trees made in Kozieglowy promote our country, and are proof that not only do we upkeep traditions of our grandparents but we also follow modern trends and can use new technologies. The growing number of orders speaks for itself.

Oferta choinek na pniu


Christmas trees produced in Kozieglowy are a unique type of Christmas decorations. Created by professionals they imitate a natural tree perfectly. Thanks to the fact that the tree trunk is created I such as way, as to resemble its natural counterpart not only in terms of visuals but also texture, most of the people will be under the impression that they are seeing a natural tree. Even if they know that this tree is in fact artificial, they will remain very impressed with its execution. Besides that it is also important to note the safe and durable materials used during their manufacture process. Thanks to that the trees remain beautiful for a long time, despite long transport times and different weather conditions. Trees made in Kozieglowy are exceptional – not made in the “quantity” mode, as “quality” is most important here. Producers know that need t create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere which is why they are perfect to the tiniest details and don’t look like typical, artificial trees.

What makes our trunk based tree stand out from the rest

It is precisely ADAL with its headquarters based in Kozeglowy, that brings forth innovation. Thanks to the latest technologies, our trees are truly exceptional. Trunks of our trees are covered with materials that perfectly imitate natural bark. Their popularity is on the rise not only because they look natural but also because of other reason. They are capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions, which makes them a great solution for urban spaces during winter. We also offer giant trees, with personalised decorations, making them extremely popular locally and internationally. All of us want a unique Christmas decoration, which will reflect Christmas time as well as attributes of a given city or location.


All of our decorations are created with great care. Consisting of frames or trunks, branches covered with artificial pine needles as well as hard to notice construction elements. All of these factors ensure that our trees resist the elements extremely well. Dependant on the chosen model you can select branch thickness or placement. Additionally we also manufacture other types of decorations, not just trees. Realisations of festive illuminations also include 3D figures. Interactive figures deserve special prise – they move, create sounds, reflect famous personas as well as cartoon characters. One such decoration would be Chopin’s piano, created especially for the city council of Sochaczew. It was not only stylish and beautiful but once one of the keys were pressed, one of the artists compositions would being to play.


Among the offer by ADAL, you will find three different trunk based Christmas trees:

  • Giant Christmas tree with the height of 16 m
  • My Tree, with its trunk covered by a bark imitating material
  • Small trees on a real trunk

Our realisation are composed of large shopping mall decorations, such as the CH Cracow Gallery or Silesia City Center, but also urban spaces. These trees are very durable and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Their size is very impressive but it is their decorations that make them so popular.

Trunk based tree decorations

Artificial trees created by ADAL are a non-standard type of festive decoration. With their help, the surrounding space changes dramatically. Festive atmosphere is created by the unique way we pair our decorations together as well as the appropriate colour of lights, which can also shimmer. We decorate each tree based on their individual project, created with specific requirements in mind. Which is why it possible to create an entire collection based on an individual’s taste and their intended use. It could be a promotion of specific brands or the advertisement of social events.

Trunk based Christmas trees are a unique festive decorations. They can be directly associated with this magical time, filled with joy, kindness and family. They are an irreplaceable Christmas atmosphere in enclosed spaces – such as shopping malls, official buildings, theatres and cinemas.
We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our catalogue, and to look through some of our realised projects.

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