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Choinka na pniu w Koziegłowach

Trunk based Christmas trees produced in Kozieglowy

Trunk based Christmas trees from Kozieglowy are the staple of the region, which is famous for the production of artificial Christmas trees, sold in the country and abroad. Trunk based models are especially popular. This is thanks to their striking appearance and the fact that they closely resemble a natural tree. They will be a great decoration for a private building as well as an open public space, which ADAL is a producer of.

What makes them so popular?
Region famous for their Christmas trees
Famous aboard and in the country
Advantages of trunk based models
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What makes trunk based artificial Christmas trees produced in Kozieglowy so popular?

Trunk based artificial Christmas trees from Kozieglowy are associated with high quality and beautiful looks. The region could be considered as the cradle of artificial Christmas tree production n out country, and the trunk based models are especially recognised for the natural and striking presentation. All of the trees produced here are of a high standard, which in turn means high durability. With correct storage, they can be enjoyed for many years. Their durability and finish in terms of the decoration has become the source of their renown across the globe. Currently they are appreciated not only in the European countries but on other continents as well.

The true cradle of Christmas Trees

For a city, Christmas trees are a sort of calling card and a source of pride during the winter season. When you see an artificial Christmas tree, there is a very good chance that it has been produced in Kozieglowy. This is because of the huge number of registered entities, that produce Christmas trees. It is closely tied to the long lasting tradition of producing trees, which originally, in a smaller capacity than what we currently have, was born in the 1980s, when such products could be considered something new, fresh and surprising. This is how the first enterprises were born. Over many years they have been developing their respective technologies and offers, just as it was with ADAL.

Famous not only in Poland

Currently artificial Christmas trees from this region are known not only in every nook and cranny of Poland, but have reached some really far away countries. Scale and quality of produced trees in the region made it possible, for them to reach international markets. They can be meet not only in neighbouring European countries, but on other continents as well. Such a renown has to be earned. Despite the ever growing scale of operations, local companies put heavy emphasis on the quality of their products. Always developing their deployed solutions and broadening their offer. Thanks to this, local Christmas trees are unmatched and invoke great interest.


When selecting an artificial Christmas trees, you expect them to look amazing, but remain durable, meaning it can be enjoyed for many years with proper storage. That is the kind of items, which are produced in Kozieglowy, often this cannot be said of weaker quality trees, from an inexperienced company, which focuses on quantity, not quality. The exact opposite approach in this region creates durable products, be it a small, decorative Christmas tree or a truly large model used to decorate town squares and other such public spaces.

Kolorowe lampki choinkowe

Advantages of said models

Among the highly popular Christmas trees from this region, trunk based options are considered to be flagship products. A striking trunk refers to nature and is associated with stability. This is very true, since a tree with such a construction is truly durable, can be used as an interior decoration, as well as in outside conditions, of course with proper execution and safety measures.

Artificial trunk based Christmas tree by ADAL from Kozieglowy

Our company is based in Kozieglowy and is in the business of producing artificial trunk based Christmas trees. We have been on the market for over 20 years, creating trees with great passion and attention to detail. This in turn created our current international renown. In terms of trunk based variants, we offer smaller, decorative models, bigger My Tree options and our biggest, over a dozen meters high Christmas trees. The last ones especially are used in many Christmas projects of open public spaces.

Experience and renown

ADAL has been on the market wince 1997, which give us a truly remarkable amount of experience. This can be seen in the high quality of our products, and their standards have been confirmed but international certificates, meaning their safety. Currently our Christmas trees can be seen on the European markets of Germany, Great Britain or France, but not only that, as they can be seen in Africa and Australia as well. By selecting one of our Christmas trees, you are selecting a truly trusted brand.

From smaller models to our Giant variations

Trunk based artificial Christmas trees are especially valued with large trees, which have to look amazing and stable at squares, plazas or in front of shopping galleries. Part of our customers value trees in a smaller format, so that they can have such a tree in the home or office. For this type of situation we recommend our flocked 75 cm Mini Tundra tree, or beautiful Alpine trees which can also be covered in snow. They are available in a few sizes, ranging from 60 to 210 cm. When looking for larger trunk based trees, you can select a My Tree model in 3 sizes: 4, 6 and 8 meters. They are a popular choice as interior decoration of places such as a shopping gallery. Finally we offer our biggest models, meaning Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra. The Extra model comes with branches starting at a much lower level. These trees range from 5 to almost 16 meters high. They are available for both, interior and exterior use.

Examples of our decorations

Trunk based artificial Christmas trees in our biggest versions of My Tree, Pine Giant Tree and Pine Giant Extra as often selected by our clients to serve as a decoration for large public locations, such as shopping malls. An example of that would the “Pasaz Grundwaldzki” in Wroclaw, which had such a tree on the inside of the gallery. Giant in size, this broad tree was visible front both, the ground floor on which it was placed, but the balconies of the higher levels as well. The entire decoration was made up of origami figures, light illuminations and decoration using smaller models from our offer, including an upside down hanging Christmas tree. One of the products by ADAL was also visible in front of another shopping gallery in Wroclaw, namely the Wroclavia shopping centre. A variant with branches starting from the middle was used there, thanks to that the trunk was decorated with a figure of a squirrel and the remaining decorations were placed on the ground. Decorative elements, including smaller hanging trees and garlands were not missed inside of the gallery. Christmas trees by ADAL decorated a location in the capital as well. One of our Giant models, surrounded by smaller trees, could have been seen in front of the Mlociny Gallery. It was accompanied by an effective “Mlociny” sign, and the remaining decorations, including smaller Christmas trees and garlands decorated the interior of the gallery. A giant and natural Christmas tree decorated a special place on the map of Warsaw, The famous “Hala Koszyki”. A wonderful Christmas atmosphere was created there with trees decorated with LED ropes and hanging 3D stars, while the largest and main attraction was a beautiful decorated Christmas tree.

Kozieglowy are famous for their artificial Christmas tree production, and one of the most popular options are the trunk based trees, praised for their natural and striking looks. This is where you can find the headquarters of our company, successfully operating on the market for over 20 years. ADAL guarantees carefully completed, high quality artificial Christmas trees, we encourage you to look through our offer!

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