Giant Festive Christmas tree created for Mercedes Benz in Munich

  • Widok z góry Choinki Gigant ubranej w lampki i bombki, stojącej w salonie Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz w Monachium.
  • Choinka Gigant i jej zbliżenie, ubrana w lampki i bombki, stojąca w salonie Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz w Monachium.

Giant Festive Christmas tree created for Mercedes Benz in Munich


Thanks to giant synthetic Christmas trees you can magically create the feeling of Christmas despite the location. For many years out company has specialized in the production of Christmas decorations which work wonders in urban spaces as well as malls. We encourage you to check out our Christmas tree project realised across the world. One of those would be the tree design and created for the Daimler Mercedes Benz outlet in Munich.


Synthetic Giant Christmas tree in Munich


Giant Christmas trees are well known to create a wonderful festive atmosphere. The tree created for Mercedes is a perfect example of that. In this project we used  characteristic symbols also in terms of the dominant colour. The giant tree works extremely well in the space provided, the rest of the decorations have been created in the same style.  Thanks to the stylish additions the headquarters of Mercedes have instantly been filled with Christmas spirit.


LED lights in Christmas decorations


In all of our projects we use the latest LED light solutions which is perfect in terms of presentation and economy. Our exclusive giant tree has also been decorated with such lights. We went with a timeless classic, warm white lights that cover the entirety of the tree. The warm hue works wonders with the colour of baubles and pine needles. Same warm white lights have also been used on the balustrade decorations.


Stable decoration in a festive hue


The giant Christmas tree created for Mercedes was kept in a classical style. We have chosen to go with a dark green colour of pine needles on which you can find gold, red and silver baubles shimmering ever so slightly. Each of the three colours is a part of the classical Christmas décor. Thanks to the carefully selected hues we created a tree that looks great in an elegant setting while maintaining its character. This type of tree would also find itself in any other mall or even an outdoor site. Not only is the design of this tree classical but its shape is also a standard cone. The structure has been made with aluminium which provides great endurance and stability, the skeleton has been filled with synthetic pine needles  to the last detail.


Giant Christmas trees are our speciality


As a renowned producer of giant Christmas trees we have many of projects behind our belt that are similar to the one in Munich. Our speciality are big, effective trees created exactly to specification. Tall structures are no stranger to us, we are capable of adjusting the sizes of trees to each individuals preferences. In our offer you can find not only giant cone type trees but their smaller branch type counterparts as well. Our projects work in exclusive areas, including modern public spaces. An example of that would be luxurious Christmas tree for the National Music Forum in Wroclaw. Our clients can be found among shopping centres, company buildings or cultural sites as well as town squares and parks. Each of our projects is handled individually ensuring a unique decoration that reflects the location it is in. Especially popular are our cone shaped trees kept in a classical style with a hint of modern design. In that spirit the tree created for Kozieglowy City Council has been kept.


Christmas decoration in unusual shapes


Aficionados of more original designs can order a festive 3D figure in the shape of their choosing. A giant bauble, Santa’s sled or a gift are only a small part of figures we have created over the years. These festive figures are an interesting alternative to the classical Christmas tree.
We invite you familiarise yourself with our other projects and realisations. We are open to propositions by any client.


December 2015


Daimler AG Mercedes Benz


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