Giant Festive Christmas tree created for Koziegłowy City Council

  • Podział ekranu na dwie części przedstawiające w nocy i w dzień Choinkę Gigant Exclusive w Koziegłowach.
  • Przybliżenie czerwonej bombki oraz łańcucha zamontowanych na choince.
  • Dekoracja świąteczna w formie świetlnej czerwonej bombki z przejściem oraz mniejszych czerwonych bombek w Koziegłowach.

Giant Festive Christmas tree created for Koziegłowy City Council


Our company has many clients that have put their trust in us with the realisation of their Christmas decorations. We are specialists in creating decorations for urban locations, square or parks with many projects behind our belt. One of those is the project to create stylish decorations for Kozieglowy city council.


An Elegant Christmas Tree in the classical cone shape


The slim line model of the giant tree has been used for the Koziegłowy city council project. It was the main attraction out of the decorations created for the city standing out with its unique form and colour. Same as in our other models of this series, a steel construction has been used while the synthetic pine needles covering it perfectly imitated the real thing. The greenery in a dark hue work wonderfully with the elegant design of the tree. In this case the key features were exclusive ornaments. We went with something classical kept in a red colour. The tree has been dressed in metallic baubles which shimmered ever so slightly in the gentle light of day. The red and green colours made it possible for the decoration to look elegant during both day and night.


LED Setting


Modern LED lights have been used in the project for Koziegłowy which highlight the festive atmosphere very nicely. Light flashes, placed with great precision ensure a splendid illumination. The attention of the passer-by  people was drawn in by the multi coloured lights, red on the Christmas chain and cold white on the entire tree. The cherry on the top of this particular tree was as lit u 3D topper star. The additional use of the shimmering diode help to amplify the lighting effects even further. Thanks to the use of LED lights this tree was not only looking splendidly but was also very economical.


Original 3D baubles in a festive setting


AS well as the spectacular Christmas tree, we have also created 3 figures of baubles. Each has an aluminium construction to ensure stability. While all great the biggest bauble with a tunnel was a particular star of this show. The city inhabitants would often enter the bauble, take photos and enjoy the festive spirit of the decorations. The smaller baubles have been laced on either side of the tunnel. All of the figures have been filled with a red holographic mat. What made the baubes truly special was the use of modern LED lights. We went with red and cold with LED rope and LED lights in the warm hue. As well as the tree this decoration has been created with great care. The biggest figure has been finished with a LED rope for an amplified look.


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The Christmas decoration created for Kozegłowy City Council was not the first of our projects. We have created many projects of giant Christmas tree, which spread the Christmas atmosphere around them not only in parks and squares but also in malls and company buildings. Some of the examples would be the projects created for Silesia City Center, Cracow Gallery, Gliwice city centre and the headquarters of Daimer AG Mercedes Benz in Munich. We are fully capable of creating the most lavish and original decorations for our customers. A 3D gift with a tunnel would be an example of that created for Winterland Kasselt in Belgium or the truly unique figure of an interactive 3D piano created for Sochaczew City Council.
We encourage you to familiarise yourselves with our portfolio.




December 2017


UGiM Koziegłowy


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