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Городское пространство

The surrounding urban space forms a crucial pillar of our lives. It is the place where we grow up, work and spend time with those dearest to our hearts. Therefore, it is worth taking care of and seeing to it so that it could bring us even more joy, keeping a smile on our faces.


We deliver Christmas decorations for public spaces such as lamppost ornaments, dedicated 2D and 3D statutes and building illuminations. In addition to Christmas decorations, which are our main specialty, we also have extensive experience in creating projects tailored to various occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Easter.


Amongst the many urban space projects we made, we can boast decorations such as an interactive 3D piano for Sochaczew, a 3D statue of Reksio with animated tail for Bielsko-Biała, an 18m high Christmas tree for Gliwice and an urban space decoration for Oława consisting of 3D statues and a Christmas tree.