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Sochaczew Townhall

  • Dzieci grające na interaktywnym, świetlnym fortepianie w Sochaczewie.
  • Grająca muzykę interaktywna figura świetlna fortepianu dedykowana dla Sochaczewa.
  • Chłopiec grający na interaktywnym, świetlnym fortepianie w Sochaczewie.

Sochaczew Townhall


Illuminated piano, inspired by Frederic Chopin’s works and dedicated to the town of Sochaczew. The piano was carefully reproduced, bringing out details such as a PVC keyboard print or Chopin’s work depicted as notes on the stave. The installation is interactive through a compilation of Chopin’s works which are played back once you apply your palm to the keys. The heating technology used makes the keyboard always visible and easy to use. The whole structure is made from aluminium, a holographic mat and a LED hose and chain.


By creating the piano, we wanted to draw the attention of children and adults. Thus we excited interest in Frederic Chopin’s works, stirring up the senses of touch, vision and hearing.



December 2017


UM Sochaczew


References, Urban Space