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Here at ADAL we continue to strive to always be the best we can at what we do. For our clients, but also for the environment. For this reason when creating our products we select renewable materials of biological origins, free from GMOs. This is our input in the fight for a natural environment, which we are truly proud of.

Products, which can be found in the Natureprint series, are created with the use of components manufactured by the extrusion process. What does this mean? Well, the material in the form of granules is processed under high pressure, next – as a complete component – it goes to the target products.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and BIO materials we have managed to created products which can be fully recycled – this includes biodegradable elements with the possibility of being industrially composted.

The ADAL brand is a synonym of highest quality. To ensure that our products from the Natureprint series meet all of the required standards, we subjected them to specialized tests. With the use of modern lab techniques, we i.a. have verified the resistance of our products to long term atmospheric factors, as well as UV light, condensation cycles, high and low temperatures. We tested the durability of our material both before, and after the process of accelerated aging. The results have confirmed that products from the Natureprint series are of the highest quality.


What’s important, elements form the Natureprint series are available in a wide range of proposals – beginning with the simplest, flat forms and geometrical shapes such as rings, stars, snowflakes, to the more complicated large-sized elements. The latter are reinforced with aluminium or steal load bearing constructions. Aside from the ready catalogue products we also offer individual projects, responding to the needs of our clients. Feel free to contact us.


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